It’s that time of year again so here’s my New Years Resolutions guys! I hope that we can all share an amazing new year together!  


Learn make-up (possibly an evening class somewhere)

– In 2013 I started to look at make up with a little more interest than simply plastering on a clown face. For a long time, I felt that make up was something completely over-rated, a way for companies to make girls spend tons on basically the same product. However in 2013 I met this asian dude, who turned out to be the leading make-up artist of some make-up company (this is how well I remember names) and he showed me that make-up when done right can create whole new looks. Not just “goth girl” or “barbie” but actual characters. A little can go a long way too, just adding to someone’s natural beauty. The artist in me fell in love with the application of make-up because it’s just a different form of paint or a 3D canvas!

Learn to make macarons and other patisseries

  • I am not a cake person. That’s one of my big secrets. Especially Christmas cakes, ergh! I don’t know what it is about them, I think I find them to dry or boring or a mix of the two. Pastries however, those are on a whole different level. Even pastries that are more like cream cakes are amazing. This past year I discovered macarons. And then I discovered them some more. I’m fascinated by the different styles, soft, crunchy, sweet, mellow. It’s as if there’s an endless possibility of flavours and creativity, all packaged into these adorable round things! However the technical skill behind making a good macaron, now that is completely different…. But endeavour I shall!

Do something romantic for valentines day

  • Last year I spent Valentines day at work. I then went home, put on this very intricate piece of lingerie involving the bra, briefs, a matching waspie with suspenders and stockings. It was truly beautiful and elegant, and I then sat down, put on “Notting Hill” and ate an entire tub of Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough alone in the dark. I don’t believe in finding someone just for valentines day, but I also promised myself that I wouldn’t ever again do something so (hilariously) sad. My dream is to one day spend valentines day in Paris, the city of romance. Candle lit dinner, rose petal bubble bath, the whole hog. I don’t expect that this year, but I’m hoping for just a tinsy bit of cupid magic!

Make it to Lacy’s Wedding

  • Lacy and I have been friends since I was 10. We went to school together for a year and were inseparable. We loved Harry Potter, she introduced me to volleyball and we did basically what all bffs do. She lives in Cambodia/USA though, so I only just reunited with her this past November. We still get on like wild things, but suddenly she has a finance? He’s a really nice guy, but I can’t believe this girl who is just a month older than me is going to be married in the Summer. It took 7 years for us to meet up again and I’m really hoping to go to her wedding, one of the most important days of her life. However it is in Cambodia so it’s not exactly the easiest trip to make…

Lose weight and get in shape

  • I put this on my list every year. I also have to admit in the last year I HAVE lost some weight and look better than I did. I’m not however at the weight and shape I want to be. A lot of people are going to tell me I look fine, great in fact! But that’s not the important part here. I want to be able to be happy with myself. Don’t worry, I won’t become anorexic or anything like that! Just get myself jogging, or to the gym, get myself some nice abs and maybe work on my bum. Hehe. You all have to promise to keep reminding me to kick myself into shape!

Get art commissions done

  • I love art. Love it to bits. I always said when I grow up and live by myself I’m going to have a collection of art and also a library. I have so many artists (comic artists) that I love, and I love finding people around the internet who have immense talent but not the global recognition. I want to build up my own set of precious pictures, be in comic art or photography or an oil painting (well maybe not an oil painting.) Things I’m probably going to ask for are my favourite heroes, pictures of sushi, mermaids and anything of me. Because I’m a big ol’ narcissist 😉 But in all honesty, I want a more personal connection with my (future) collection, so that when I have kids and I can tell them story behind each one!

Make it to London Film and Comic con

  • And cosplay! This goes in with the abs thing I mentioned earlier because I’m determined to cosplay x-23 one day, one of my favourite characters! But also because besides ThoughtBubble, I’ve never been to a convention. ThoughtBubble is also relatively small so I want to make it to a bigger one. Not MCM though because anime groupies are so hyperactive when collected in mass I’d get a panic attack. I also heard it will be the last year Stan Lee will make it to the UK. I guess he is pretty old now… Although I can’t say I’m a huge fan of his work, he is the creator of all things comic. What? Not like Stan Lee’s work? No, well of course I LIKE them, but he’s not my favourite artist/writer in the industry…

Make bentos

  • In my endeavours to cook more I really wanted to make these cute lunch boxes as a way of showcasing my progress as well as being something I can eat.. always a plus. I guess that’s the trend in my resolutions this year, I really want to expand my artistic side, with make up and cooking! Haha. I want to be able to put up pictures and recipes and maybe make a couple of easy tutorial videos, so that everyone can share my lunches!

Be and all round nice person, make new friends and basically have a lot of fun!!