I realised that I haven’t really seen all the sights around London. I guess I’ve only just moved here, and I’m not yet a “Londoner” but I haven’t played the tourist either! That’s why yesterday I decided I needed to make a trip to London Aquarium! It was sooo exciting and fun!!!!

photo 4

“Oh hey, I’m just a shark. Swimming around. Doing shark stuff.”

Firstly to explain why this is a big deal to me – some of you may have noticed all the tweets I had about fish and stuff. I love fish. I could never keep them as pets, but they were just cool. Just chilling about in the sea or the river, swimming and doing fishy things. They also taste delicious. It sounds kinda creepy when I mention that, but I wasn’t nicknamed “the little cat” for nothing!

photo 5

The entire cast of Finding Nemo seemed to be put in one tank, so now we know what happened to them!

On that note, the first fish I saw was the Bream. I told me friend who went with me “Omigosh these ones are delicious!!” and a little kid next to me stared up in horror. Apparently this isn’t the thing to say at aquariums. But I hope the fish knows I meant it as a compliment…

photo 3

“Guys, hey guys, come on. I’m actually very cross eyed!”

My favourite part were the sharks. London aquarium is the best because they have lots and lots of sharks. Hehe. I really like the hammerheads because they have such funny looking faces. I had this phase when I used to draw sharks in clothing and the hammerhead always had weird hats on, and the other sharks would make fun of him but it couldn’t tell because his eyes were on the side of his face and he couldn’t see in the mirror.

There’s also penguins there now. I disliked this part, it was a small room with red light. The penguins all stood facing the wall, not moving. Just like in happy feet, but they didn’t look like they were about to dance. I thought maybe they were dead, since they were all standing so still.

Another thing they didn’t have, and I’m not sure if they should or not, were squid. Squid are super delicious, but they didn’t have any! I have a list of animals I really want to see, and the giant squid is one of them. I don’t think anywhere keeps a giant squid, but I did see a life size drawing of one once and it was huge!! The calamari rings I could make out of it would have been like hoola hoops!!!

photo 1 (1)

My friend said this one looked like a Penis, but I’m pretty sure she’s been sleeping with the wrong kind of men… Penises can look scary, but they shouldn’t look like a jellyfish. Ever.

The jellyfish were the prettiest. I’ve eaten jellyfish and it has the same texture as Chinese mushrooms, but the flavour is actually really light. There were two types of jellyfish to see and both were super pretty.

photo 2

And then she said these looked like sperm and honestly, I think she must be dating Aquaman or something.

I ended my trip by getting a little hammerhead glitter sticker on my collarbone. I love getting temporary tattoos, and my collarbone is a favourite place to put them. I don’t think I’ll get a real one put there, but temporary ones are ok! For dinner my friend wouldn’t let us go to a sushi place, but I had lobster so that was ok.

Hehe, honestly it was so much fun, even though is was super busy with kids and stuff. I wish I could bring some fish home to show you on cam, but they wouldn’t let me.