The last blog post I did about filming in Wales felt a little bit rushed, with little about the actual sex. I think that’s because I had only just got back, and was still trying to organise things in my head. My first full frontal sex video. My first parody video. My first time drinking such amazing water, seriously, the water in Wales was delicious. So I decided I needed to go back and re-do this article..!! 

The thing you all want to hear about, I’m guessing anyway, is the sex vid right? Obviously I have been planning on doing sex videos from the start. The idea of them don’t bug me at all, I enjoy it and it’s exciting. However I was much more nervous when it came down to it than I thought it would be. There’s something rather intimidating about having a camera pointed at you, especially when sex is such an intimate thing.

Here’s a point I feel I should make, the friend who’s so amazingly helped me with my videos, he’s important to me. He’s not my boyfriend, but that doesn’t mean he’s not important. We’re super close, and his girlfriend is really ultra lovely too. I think in the porn industry sex becomes a job and porn stars can end up sleeping with a lot of people they may or may not know well. I’m truly glad I was able to do it with someone I know and care about. I can’t imagine doing it with someone I have no connection to at all, but maybe that’s something I’ll learn? I don’t know. For now though, I’m just very lucky to have such great friends!

It can be hard to get turned on when you have the pressures of a camera. Luckily, I get turned on pretty quickly. We had already done a blow job video earlier, and I was horny from that. We didn’t know whether we should take it slow or not, but I think the pace we went at was pretty good. I was still a bit nervous when we started, almost as if it was my first time having sex all over again.

It didn’t hurt like that though. In fact, it felt good. It’s been ages since I’ve last had sex and I forgot the feeling of having someone fill me up. Because it feels like nothing else. Skin on skin, I felt hungry but full at the same time. There’s a pressure at the pit of my stomach that builds up, gains momentum and I can feel it wanting to explode. Ah, I shouldn’t give too much away! The video is coming out next week.!!

Hehe, to divert from that… I made a spoof of “The Prisoner” and after watching it, I can understand why I’m not an actress.. however it was still really fun to do! That is up on my website now though, so you should go check it out and tell me what you think!!