Rainy days make me wet. Specifically rainy days, when I am sat in my bedroom studying by myself. My eyes get tired from reading text books, and my back aches from sitting at my desk all day. The rain makes a steady rhythm against my window and I decide to take a break, lie back on bed and relax for a moment.

My room feels a little bit hotter than it does normally, I realise that this as soon as I start relaxing. Because of the rain, I haven’t opened up my window like I sometimes do when I’m studying. Obviously I take the most logical course of action and strip down to my panties and bra.

I decide not to open my laptop, no browsing the internet or anything. My eyes want a break from straining. Instead play a soft, calming playlist from my phone. I lie back and close my eyes. Maybe a short nap is in order?

Instead of falling asleep though, my mind actually starts working more. That is, images flash hot and fast in my head. Thoughts of things that can be done under covers on a rainy day when people don’t go outside. I imagine being with someone. A taller man, in bed with me. Our limbs would be entwined, simply holding onto each other.

It starts off so gently. Caressing hands, feather light touches. I imagine kisses down my side by soft lips. My own hand starts trailing these invisible lines. I wriggle a bit in bed, trying to shake off these thoughts as my body starts getting hotter. I soon give up on the idea though, because  a familiar fire has started to burn lower down.

My left hand slips under my panties, and to no surprise I find myself moist and wanting. My right hand has already started to stroke my own right breast, and it’s not until I unconsciously pinch the hard nipple do I even realise! It’s funny how sometimes when the mind is tired, the body simply takes over… I’m not even sure at what point I started touching myself.

I start to slowly circle around my clit, relaxed and in no rush to finish thing. I occasionally dip into myself, or spread the lips open, just to change the sensations it runs through me. One moment a soft climb, only to be jolted slightly by a shock of excitement. My other hand has been languishingly stroking the rest of my body, but it settles on a firm grip of my breast, and starts to almost knead it, pulling and stroking.

I start to go a bit faster, my breathing quickened. The fire has built to almost an unbearable heat and there’s a sudden urgency to get there now. I put two fingers in, as deep as I can and start to stroke my g-spot. It feels amazing, but I’m so desperate for something, that I stop and instead start to really fuck myself with three fingers. Small, aching moans escape my mouth, but I have to be quiet as I know there are other people at home.

Finally everything builds up to the maximum height and in an instant starts crumbling down in waves of intense pleasure. My juices overflow onto my fingers and I have to bite my lip to stop myself from screaming out in ecstasy. I try to lie still, to calm down, but my body convulses from the aftermath and I realise it might be a while until I finish my homework.