We left off at a bit of a cliff hanger last night. This is the continuation, and it actually leads to the story of “My first one night stand” although I have to give a disclaimer… I meant it to be a one night stand, but instead we’ve kept in touch and meet up occasionally. So not really one night…


His breath catches and he leans over to kiss me. It’s a tentative kiss, but there’s a sort of energy behind it too. I quickly take it upon myself to deepen it, and soon our tongues are meshing against each other. He wants me.  And no sooner than I think this so I realise I want him too. It’s the excitement of being almost strangers, that I was successful in seducing an older man, that I was doing something everyone else thinks I shouldn’t. And also because he’s a decent kisser. Really good, better than anyone had I kissed up to that moment.

His hand hovers at my waist, waiting for some sort of signal or “OK” for it to move. I end up giggling and he looks worried and asks why. “You’re very shy about this. Do you not want to do this?” I enquire, and he immediately starts speaking very fast about how of course he wants it, but I’m so young and what if I regret it and a bunch of other things. I kiss him, hard, to try and shut him up. My hands are pressed against his chest and I fumble to try and undo the buttons, nipping at his lips and licking his mouth. I’m shocked at my own actions, I’ve never behaved like this before! But I’m just so excited!

Something must have snapped inside him, some sort of moral barrier he’s finally managed to climb over. He literally growls, and this makes me laugh because I didn’t think anyone actually growled but he moves on top of me now I’m not laughing at all. There’s a sort of hunger in  his eyes, and I like it because it describes exactly how I feel. I wasn’t so interested in him at the start of the night, but suddenly I can’t think of a more attractive man. I’m lifting my hips up, trying to create more contact. His hands are under my blouse and under my skirt, and actually his hands are everywhere. His mouth soon covers one perking breasts as he’s pulled away my bra, and my hands are in his hair trying to squish him into me. The thought of “This is crazy” quickly runs through my head before he nibbles my nipple and I can’t think of much else.

Looking back, it probably wasn’t the best situation for him. Here lay this just of age girl in a tartan skirt and white shirt and knee socks. It’s not a school uniform but damnit it looks like it. I was actually going for a punk rock look, but apparently I was missing band patches and safety pins. Well the blouse and bra get discarded pretty quickly, and so does the skirt and panties. We leave my socks on, which confuses me but apparently guys must like this a lot because many have done it since.

Soon he’s naked, and I’m mostly naked. He’s somehow manage to produce a condom out of thin air (how do guys do that??) and he’s poised above me. It’s so close, but not touching and I’m wondering what he’s waiting for. Of course. He’s waiting for me. What do I say? “Yes, please stick it in me?” Instead I wrap my legs around his waist and sort of push him in. I don’t know why I did that and he suddenly does, but he gets the idea and slowly starts to fuck me.

It feels good. Not great. But really good. He’s so careful. Why is he careful?? I want to ask him to be a bit rougher, I feel like he’s still worried I’m going to break. I don’t want to ruin the mood though and instead enjoy the slow sensations of pleasure wash over me. He lasts a decent amount of time, and afterwards I wrap my arms around him, again burying his face in my bossom. I feel like I want to protect him or something. Instead I tell him “Thank you” and we cuddle for all of 15 minutes before he wants to go again. I’m kind of shocked by that recovery time. We end up fucking four times that night before I left to get my train back home. I took a single picture of him before a left. I wasn’t expecting to keep in touch after all.

Well things don’t always go to plan. My one night stand and I ended up exchanging emails and I’ve since seen him once more, and he’s visiting sometime this year (although I don’t know when) – but I’ve come to care deeply for him and look forward to our meet ups.