Sexual Rendezvous is my classy way of saying “Booty Call”. I mentioned that my past relationships have all been a bit “Harriet’s little black book of international Hook Ups” But that’s really only because I keep falling for guys that live nowhere close to me. This is a story of one such meeting with a “long distance” (ex)boyfriend. 

2014-03-25 18.15.11

We had actually broken up a year previously, like with all my relationships, the distance was too much, one or both of us were too busy with work, things get complicated and we decide it’s not working. However this always leaves this weird feeling of lack of closure, because we still liked and lusted for each other, it just wasn’t true love.

Kai had moved across the pond about half way through our relationship, following his dream of becoming a famous comicbook artist. He emailed to tell me he was back visiting family, but would be in London for a night and would I like to meet up? In all honesty, I didn’t really want to. Somethings when they’re over should just stay over. But this is the guy that made me love drawing, introduced me to comics and I guess our romance was the “teenage dream” Katie Perry sang about. It deserved one starbuck’s latte right?

I wore a skirt, knee socks, t-shirt and coat. Nothing really special, but still distinctly female. He looked very different to when I last saw him. Older, I could see the overwork under his eyes, and frankly he looked a mess. It didn’t feel me with glee or joy, instead I was worried and felt a twang of the old feelings. We sat at a cute cafe that served bubble tea, and everything felt like it had gone back in time. Laughing, chatting, flirting a bit.

When we left instead of getting the bus home, we just walked around the town talking more. Like neither of us really wanted to say goodbye. An hour later I suggested we just go back to his hotel because we’d end up walking all night otherwise.

“I didn’t think you would say that. But thank God because I’ve had a raging boner for the past two hours.”

We hail a cab and pretty soon in the room. There’s this weird moment where neither of us know what we’re doing, but then we’re kissing and clothes are coming off and it all makes sense. He’s still an amazing kisser and I light up in a way I haven’t for a very long time. His hands feel so familiar, on my back and breasts, cupping my bum and pulling my hair. One moment we’re standing and the next we’re on the bed. I’m thinking this is so insane, but so right.

Pretty soon I’m begging him to fuck me. God it’s been so long, and I’ve missed it, and i’ve missed him and how did I end up here? But he doesn’t have a condom, he really didn’t expect me to be here. Well that’s not going to stop me. Instead I push him back on the bed, slowly start kissing him, nibbling at his lips, kissing down his neck. I reach down and touch him, it’s hard and straining and I almost feel sorry. I stroke him very gently, sliding down, kissing his stomach, changing rotation of my hands, letting my fingers glide ever so, ever so delicately.

His breath catches as my head is directly over him. I blow a little softly, then take him in my mouth. No teasing. I swirl my tongue around, suck really hard and let him pop out of mouth. He’s just staring at me, shocked. Now I tease. I let me hands and tongue run down his shaft, covering it in my saliva. I do big strokes with my hands, followed by my head, trying to fit as much of him in me as possible.

He gets the idea, flips me over and straddles my chest. I push my breasts together so that he can  push his cock between them, slick from all the saliva I’ve dripped out. He starts tit fucking me pretty hard, it rocks me against the bed, but I like it. He’s also started touching me and that’s a bonus. I like giving, I don’t expect anything in return, I get off watching someone else get off, knowing I’m the one doing that to them.

He shoves his cock into my mouth and starts being really rough there, I choke and gag a bit but it’s kind of thrilling. Then he pulls out suddenly and cums right onto my face. There’s so much of it! It goes into my hair, over my mouth and nose and even on my eyelids. I just giggle. I then get up, have a shower, come back and we cuddle for a bit. There’s not really anything to say. I leave about an hour later and catch the night bus home, no point in staying the night.