I’ve never been good at get facials. Not the massages by the way. The other kind. I don’t know what’s wrong, but a guy never seems to hit the right spot. I’ve had it all over my hair, in my eye and even up my nose once! Today we did two videos that contained smiling endings, although we still need to work on that aim!


The first came from a blowjob video we shot. I’m getting much better at them, more licking, eye contact and I’m pretty sure my hands are doing the right thing. We started off on this wonderful brown leather sofas, me sitting and him standing in front of me. It’s a great sofa, but I’m more interested in getting his cock in my mouth, so I sink to the floor and lick upwards. It’s amazing how large a penis suddenly gets when you’re under it…

I alternate more this time, fast sucking, slow licking, hands up and down, fingers stroking. I smile and spit and suck, looking into his eyes whilst his dick disappears into my mouth. I like the soft intake of breath he occasionally takes, or the smacking sound when his penis pops out of mouth. I get so hot from the knowledge that he’s enjoying this, that I’m the one making him moan. I want to take more, see how far it will go, but I can’t deepthroat yet.

Instead I place more effort into how I use my tongue, wrapping it around his shaft or licking the head back and forth. Then when I know he’s close, I take him out of my mouth and use my hands to stroke him hard and fast. I stick out my tongue waiting for my prize. He starts stroking himself, so I sit back and eagerly wait. Soon there’s hot cum running down my face and on my tongue, it tastes funny, like nothing else. It makes my face sticky and I know there’s some on my hair but instead I just happily smile at the fact i got some in my mouth this time. And then I swallow.

The second one the aim is less accurate. That could be because my head is upside down hanging off the table I was just fucked on… Still lots of fun though!