I’ve been thinking recently that I want to get more into cosplay, so I’ve decided to make a Cosplay Wishlist! I really like the Cosplay Fridays I do on cam, but I think that the costumes I’ve been using have been pretty basic, as well as quite vague. I’m now looking at taking the cosplay more seriously, and here’s a list of costumes I’d like to start working on! P.s Shunya Yamashita has been a huge inspiration and I love his artwork so much!

Tekken – Xiaoyu : I have a confession to make. I’ve always enjoyed Tekken more than Street fighter. I think it’s because my big brother used to play it more. The special moves always seemed to be that bit more fun. Xiaoyu is just so damn cute!


Tekken – Alisa Bosconovitch: Although she was only introduced in Tekken 6, Alisa is actually my favourite character to play. I guess after explaining why I like Tekken so much, it’s easy to understand why Alisa is my favourite character. She has a special move where she removes her head, gives it to her opponent, runs off, and then her head explodes. Yay for being a killer android! Plus look at her socks!tumblr_monekdZNJM1re9fe1o1_500

Street Fighter – Chun Li: Not to say I don’t love Street Fighter also! Who could leave Chun Li off their cosplay list? This girl makes tights look H-O-T. She’s a classic, a legend, and she does it with her hair in what I call buns that I lovingly refer to as “Chinese Meatbuns”… is that racist?Bishoujo-Chun-Li-Illustration

Mass Effect 3 – Liara T’Soni: Keeping up with the video game theme I’ve started, I’ve always loved seeing people cosplay Liara T’Soni. She’s a cool character in the games, but damn she looks cooler in real life! I’ve put her on my to-do-list but I think this costume will be one of the trickiest to do, what with her “hair” and blue skin, not to mention space suit! 198624_260240540659016_137679822915089_1206341_7140447_n