I realised that the formatting of my blog made it weird if I put too many pictures on in one post, along with the descriptions, so I’ve split my cosplay wishlist into 3 parts! I’m sure I’ll be adding to it a lot though!

Sailor Moon – Usagi Tsukino (AKA Sailor Moon herself) : Sailor Moon was the cartoon of my childhood. In the same ways my brothers and cousins played at being power rangers, I dreamt of being Sailor Moon. She was ditsy, dumb at times and overall quite weak in her normal daily life, and my female cousins would tell me that the other sailors (Mars, Mercury, Venus the favourite) were much cooler, but I never listened to them. I think it was partly due to my obsession with blondes when I was a toddler living in Vietnam. But Sailor Moon remained a hero to me, especially in the sequences where she matures and turns into the Moon Princess who is loving, caring and peaceful. In my head, that meant there was hope for the ditsy and dumb me! Oh did I mention I had the biggest crush on Tuxedo Mask? Hehehe. Also there are many variations of her costume, and to be honest, I’d like to try a few. I’ll also probably look into doing some of the other Sailor Scouts as well, because they are pretty awesome. Sailor Jupiter made bento boxes!


X-men – Emma Frost: But specifically, this one as drawn by Bruce Timm. Bruce Timm is another one of my favourtist artists ever. He’s also drawn other renditions of Emma Frost, but I like this one the most because her hair is white compared to the usual platinum blonde, and she seems to be quiet tan. I know in my head that Emma Frost in the comics isn’t really like this, but I really liked this stylisation!


Batwoman – Kate Kane: There are technically two Batwoman(s) and I’m not going to lie, I get really mixed up by which is which. I think Kathy Kane is the older version, who may or may not have died at some point, and Kate Kane is the modern version, although they aren’t really related despite having the same name, living in the same city and also having the same super hero alter-ego. I actually really admire the current Batwoman though. She’s strong and courageous in a way other female superheroes aren’t, I know this sounds bad because she’s a lesbian and all, but she has a manly charisma about her. It was also interesting to see the huge dispute between editors and writers when the question of her Gay marriage back in 2013. Some people think it’s a huge deal that a lesbian character can be the lead and run an entire comic series, but Batwoman has been a huge success commercially. I also think however it’s got a lot more to thank because of the amazing writers, artists and editors that have been working on it that the fact she’s gay.. but let’s not start a flame war! I only hope I can pull off such a strong and amazing character!


X-men – Jubilee : There’s a sort of love-hate thing going on with Jubilee amongst comic fans I find. You either love her, or you hate her. Something I realised when I was reading comics is that there are hardly any Asian girls in western comics, even Psylocke is a Caucasian woman stuck in an asian body! For me, that’s probably why I locked onto to Jubilee in the first place. She is however a really fun and lovely character, full of childish pranks and mischief. I’ve also loved her relationship with Wolverine which is much more light-hearted than his similar father figure-ness with Rogue or X-23. She too has a lot of variations in her costume, but I guess the iconic pink top, yellow coat and goggles is a must? I actually like her vampire change where she puts on the black full body suit and yellow coat!Jubilee-Bishoujo-Illustration