I’ve mentioned several times in my camshows that I’m an avid reader of webcomics. Recently I haven’t been keeping up with as many as I used to, since I read a lot more manga now. But there are some webcomics I really like, and highly suggest you go and read. I’m not ranking them though, they’re just in a random order.

Antics by Stephen Gillian

It involves to housemates I think, one is the straight man and the other is the funny many. Or rather, one does ridiculous things and is delusional and lies a lot, and the other one just sort of goes with it in a reluctant way.  It’s a pretty random webcomic. It was one of the first ones I ever found, and to be honest, I was pretty young. I found it hilarious. Now when I go back to it I don’t understand the humour anymore and instead wave a flag to my former, more creative understanding self. However I’m sure other people will understand the humour, so you should check it out anyways.


Two Word Comics by Amy McKay

I stumbled upon this webcomic only recently and I found it cute and quaint. Again it seems to be pretty random, the premises is that the author is given two random words by friends, family or strangers and she’ll write a comic about those two words. Considering this, I think her work is great, and I really do like the humour. Very creative! And the characters are really cute too.


 Noblesse by Son Jae-ho

Noblesse is a manwha, which is basically a South Korean Manga. Do I have to specify it’s south Korean? Anyway, it’s really popular and new chapters come out every week. Unlike the previous webcomics I’ve mentioned, this one has story arcs and plot and well, isn’t so random. It has a kickass main character, although you read the story for everyone and not just him, because he’s kinda like that. Plus you don’t have to worry about reading it back to front, Koreans read the same way westerners do.  It’s actually amazing the art progress from when the webcomic started and how it is now.


Sin Titulo by Cameron Stewart

Cameron Stewart is pretty famous, he did a lot of work for Marvel and DC, as well as co-creating the Assassin’s Creed Comic for Ubisoft. This however, as far as I know, is entirely his own work and it started off as a hobby. It’s now a published book, but you can still read the full thing for free online. It also won the Eisner Award at some point. It’s kinda surrealistic, noir and a bunch of other random things. But you’ll find yourself wanting to finish it in one sitting.


So as far as webcomics go, these are probably ones I think you should check out at some point. I keep up with a lot of reading though, and I don’t count most manga as a webcomic because they’re printed into magazines (I just happen to read their scanlations online) If you have read any of them I would love to hear your feedback or thoughts!