You know what question I get asked a lot? It’s “Does size matter?” and for me the answer has always been, only to a certain point. I’ve never experienced a “micro-penis” but I can say for a fact that a monster cock doesn’t equal orgasms either. Instead, guys should focus on foreplay, oral skills and very, very importantly, finger skills. Here’s my quick guide to how to make a girl cum with just your fingers!

The fundamental difference between male arousal and female arousal is the physical vs the mental. This is why guys get off to watching porn more, whilst women are more likely to prefer reading erotica. Girls like imagining. They like the anticipation. They want the foreplay. Think of it not as a starter to a big meal, but rather a banquet of tapas.

To break down as simply as possible here are my key words that you should keep in mind when seducing a girl.

  •  Eye contact
  • Anticipation
  • Tease

The eye contact thing might sound really silly, and I’m not saying you have to keep it at all times. But just keep it in mind. When you use the following moves, holding her eye contact can heighten her senses and help.

Anticipation is easy, and it really goes along with tease. Girls love dirty talking, but that doesn’t mean you have to recite 50 Shades of Grey. Mild things like saying “You’re a naughty girl” or “You like it dirty don’t you?” when you’re feeling aggressive, or “You’re so beautiful, I love to touch you.” when you’re feeling gentle. There’s another important thing, mix it up a little! Be the red-blooded man that takes control but then balance it out with the prince charming.

It all sounds complicated right? Well yes. It is. Women are confusing like that. So let’s move onto the less confusing parts. The vagina.

Never start by just going for it. To really get the girl into it, you’ve got to slowly ease yourself there. This part is the anticipation. Things like running your hand up her inner thigh, or trickling your hand down her stomach, or tugging at the top of her panties.

Next run your index or middle finger up the slit between her labia lips, but over her panties. You should make sure there’s a nice wet spot on her panties way before you go taking them off. Do you know where the clitoris is? Rub circle motions around that area too, all before you take her panties off! Rubbing and stroking is fine at this point, but be gentle. Don’t push or anything because the fabric can be harsh against skin.

Is there a nice wet spot yet? Now you can start to find your way into her pants. Instead of going in from the top, try sneaking a couple of fingers through the side. Stroke around her slit, up near her clit, then take your hands back out. A lot of guys like to be kissing the girl at this point, or sucking on her breasts, but this would be a good time to hold the eye contact. Make sure she’s looking at you, then start to circle her clitoris.

For me, the clitoris is the most sensitive part, and by far the easiest way for me to reach orgasm. If you don’t know where it is, then for the love of God please find out. As for what it feels like, when you’re in the general area, it feels like a little nib. It’s under a hood, and you have to do a little finger manoeuvring to get it. Now, it’s great start slow, but the real fun is when you flick quick. Don’t push, or apply too much pressure, instead just graze it with your finger fast. I normally use my middle fingers for this.

You can use your other fingers whilst doing this to probe around. Stroking the other parts. Add more sensation. When you think she’s enjoying it that a lot, stop. This is part of teasing. It’s best when you get them close, or really worked up, them bring them down, only to work right back up.

When entering a finger, start with just one. There is no finesse in jamming as many fingers as you can. Think of it as a little scout, going ahead to check the terrane. Use circling motions, slide in deep and slow. Continue slow fingering, before adding another finger. Two fingers is a good time to find the g-spot.

The g-spot it actually quite hard to find I think, and really for me it doesn’t do that much. But to get to it, when inside, you curl your finger pointing upwards to make a “come here” motion. You can curl wide or short, fast or slow, really judge the situation yourself.

When you want to speed things up, this would be the best time to use three or more fingers. And you can be really rough, with more flexibility too! But if you decide to really go for this, don’t forget to pay attention to the clitoris! And when you feel like she’s about to come, keep a very steady rhythm of stroking on the clit!

These are just the basics, so hope they help!