As you are all aware, today I am away in Rome filming some new videos for my site. I bought a very special dress for the videos and my friend (the cameraman) got so excited by me wearing it that things got very nasty at the end.Jessica_rabbit_art

Picture the scene, I dressed up in my amazing new dress which looks so sexy. It’s exactly like something you’d expect Jessica Rabbit to wear. It emphasises every curve of my body, specially my bust, and it looks so elegant. I pair it with my red hair, black heels and lush red lipstick. I genuinely felt like a sexy cartoon character as I entered the camera man’s hotel room.

I could see the cameraman getting hard as we recorded the little introduction I do for members before each video. Then totally in control I bent down on my knees and took his cock into my mouth and sucked him hard.

It can be really difficult to have sex on camera. It’s so strange having a lens watching your every move when normally you would forget the whole world and just lose yourself in the moment. I’m sure you’ve noticed how shy and nervous I have been in many of my first videos. But today I fel confident.

I enjoyed teasing and changing pace and technique at the right moments. I laughed, smiled. I really felt myself and didn’t even think about the camera.

It didn’t take long at all to feel the cameraman throbbing in my hands and lips as he got closer to coming. And as he did, I could see the camera shaking; well most his body was shaking.

We both felt it was easily my best video so far. We were so pleased we decided to watch it right there and then.

Suddenly, my cameraman turned white.

“Shit. Shit. Shit,” he said. “I’ve just deleted it!”

So there you have it, my first video nasty. It was sooo disappointing! We both felt so sad after losing such a good video. And feeling sad is not the Sugarcookie way!

So we will just have to try to make it again tomorrow. I hope we can recreate it even hotter than today’s video.