Some of you that watch my live cam will be aware that I’ve been getting stomach pains recently. Last night we had a really fun time in my room. I didn’t sleep until 6AM. I woke up at 8AM in agony. I’m almost always a happy person but this morning I wanted to cry. My appendix has turned against me!

So as I said, I have had on and off stomach pains for a while now. The weird thing is that every time they get so bad I decide to go to see the doctor, they go away. Apparently this is called regression to the mean and it’s why people believe in alternative medicine. i.e. just at the point your pain is at it’s worst, you seek help and it gets better because it can’t get any worse and the body is good at healing itself. So if someone lights some candles, sticks needles in you or even farts in your face, you’re likely to think that’s responsible and think that intervention is the cause of your cure. Crazy, right? And that’s a subject for another day.

I’m writing this from my hospital bed. I’m in a super happy, fun mood. Partly because I’ve been loaded with Codeine and I’m on a drip that’s filling me with vitamins and nutrients and partly because I finally know what caused me to wake up in such sever pain this morning. That means they’re going to stop it.

It turns out I have acute appendicitis. For some reason or another, my appendix has switched sides and is now working against me. My appendix has joined the Tummy Taliban and wants to explode!

Luckily, I am having him removed today. I’m due for keyhole surgery to remove my appendix.

Hopefully it won’t take me long to get back on my feet – and back on cam and making videos – for all the friends and fans I’ve made since I started doing this.

For a moment I was about to write that I will be giving my knackered appendix away to the person that sends me the most heartwarming message while I am in hospital. But then I figured I can always add an appendix to this post later, right?:)