I remember that Akumetsu was one of the first mangas a I read early on where I thought “Damn. That was good.”and it was really fun to read. The storyline is a little bit ridiculous, it also involves clones! Akumetsu is a vigilante who is determined to give punishment to those who are corrupt!


It’s interesting because my manga tastes go like this, I like shoujo (girl’s romance stories) or manga with lots of violence and are rather dark (like Battle Royal). Akumetsu falls under the latter category. Tabata Yoshiaki has several works, and they’re all pretty brutal stories, yet he has a way of making the main character rather likeable. Yuugo Yuki the artist also has a great, mature style.

The story starts off with Nagasawa Shiina who’s family have become bankrupt. In an attempt to save them, she (or her family, it’s kinda vague) sells herself into prostitution for the high-elite of Japan, who are super corrupt and filthy rich even though Japan in the story is completely debt ridden. Enter our hero Akumetsu (who happens to be Shiina’s school friend Shou) who kills the horrible corrupt bad guy with an axe. It’s crazy. When I first read it I sort of went along, the bad guys were bad guys and the hero was making sense. Now when I read it thought it does seem a bit over the top – but that’s what makes it fun!


Now at this point, Shiina decides to follow him, run away together with him since he did just save her life by killing someone. However he is surrounded by the police outside, shot repeatedly and then he self destructs. Say whaaa? She is devastated that is until the morning after when Shou comes running late into class!

So the jist of the manga is Japan is full of evil and corrupt individuals, many of whom the police system don’t touch. Akumetsu makes his way through killing them all, and he has the same sort of tongue-in-cheek demeanour as Deadpool. The same amount of brutality as well. Also like Deadpool, he often narrates in such a way that breaks the fourth wall.

Many questions crop up at the start of the story, such as how can justify his killings. It’s interesting actually, because a lot of my friends who have read it always ask the same questions, pointing out holes in his theory. The manga is very clever though because as it goes through Akumetsu himself answers everything, taking into account how his killing makes him a hypocrite. He even comes up with a ridiculous way of atoning for it (I’ve already told you in this article by the way!)

The story later on takes on a more sci-fi path as we find the backstory of Akumetsu. I personally love the story arcs and I look forward to finding out why someone is being targeted, and also the way in which Akumetsu has set up to kill them. One example would be when he kidnaps and kills hospital officials, doctors and surgeons and those who knowingly used contaminated blood on their patients!

If you’re looking for an interesting, violent and funny story to kill time with, I highly recommend Akumetsu. The downside to is it that its really unbelievable. The story goes beyond being realistic, but that doesn’t stop it being fun. Plus, how many action stories are that realistic anyway? The characters are loveable, there’s interesting scenes and the art really is amazing. 8/10!