Since CookieQuestions is such a fun game in my room, I thought I’d start putting some fun facts down concretely. I often get asked what I’m scared of, so here are my top 10 fears. I was going to put accompanying photos but I was too scared to google for them!

DSCF1675 copy

  1. Snakes – Without a doubt my biggest fear. Real snakes, dead or alive, anything made from snake skin, photos of snakes, and on some occasions – the typed out word snake. Today I went to my local beauty product store and the latest trend in asian cosmetics is using snake venom in face masks. Why?! Why put SNAKE VENOM on your FACE?! I thought it was weird enough when they were using snail slime. I think the beauty industry is just trolling everyone, because they can tell you to put weird stuff on your face for youth, and women around the world do it! Also one time, when I was about 8, I fell in a pothole in Vietnam which just happened to house some snakes. Just in the road, a pit of snakes. I made my friend’s brother who I was walking with piggy back me all the way home running.
  2.  Deep Water (depth, under the water) – When I was 11 I was taken to a cinema in Cambodia. This was a pretty big deal because cinemas were new to Cambodia back then, and not many films were translated or subbed. This film in particular I think was actually either a Thai film, or a a Cambodian made one. It was this weird fantasy love story about a man who falls in love with a woman from the sea world. Like a mermaid, only the sea people looked normal. That was until about half way through the film when it turned into a horror film and GIANT SEA SNAKES. I think the plot (and this wasn’t in english so 11 year old me really had no clue what was going on) was that the father of the sea woman didn’t like the man, but didn’t want his daughter to hate him, so when the man left he turned into his true form which is a giant sea snake and came out to eat him. Think JAWS but with giant sea snakes instead. Also, the sea woman bites of a man’s tongue at one point and the man bleeds to death. That was a weird film. So since watching that film, every time I went underwater at the pool and saw the deep end with all that space, I could only imagine a giant snake IN that space. And since there was so much space, I always imagined a really big snake. That fear of the deep end of the swimming pool turned into a fear of it’s own and now I’m just scared of deep water.
  3. The Dark – I slept with the light on until I was about 10 years old, and after that I slept with a night light till I was 15. I think everyone is scared of the dark at some point or another in their lives. When I go down to the kitchen at night to get a drink or something, I’m still scared by the fact is dark. I nearly always run back up the stairs to get to the safety of my house. It’s because we never really know what’s there in the dark, and isn’t everyone afraid of the unknown?
  4. Scary Films (Horror Films) -When I was 6 my brother locked me in a room with the TV on, showing the film “Ghost Ship”. I think the experience made me scared of every other horror film now too. I don’t enjoy the suspenseful music, the flickering lights, the shadows that are clearly about to eat our heroes. People will say “it’s not real” and of course we get high on the adrenaline horror movies give you, but I can’t enjoy that adrenaline because I”m too busy being scared. It’s ridiculous because I got scared watching Hot Fuzz thanks to all those guys in cloaks killing people. That wasn’t even a horror film!
  5. Cannibals – Cannibals are crazy scary. They are people that eat other people. Hannibal made it fashionable and sure when it’s done that way all fancy cooking it’s cool to watch. But the actual act of cannibalism freaks me out so much. Dead people are one thing, eating dead people are another. Luckily, cannibals don’t come across much in normal life, they’re not popular on TV like zombies or werewolves (are zombies and werewolves cannibals? I mean, they are people..?) and I hope I never meet one.

So for now, those are my top 5 fears. Sometimes it changes a bit (not the snakes one though) but overall I think I’ve explained pretty well!