As most of you know I’ve moved flats recently! I now have a shiny, spangly new room with lots of space. However there’s on problem… I don’t know what to do with that space! So now I need you guys to hep me with decorating my room!

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This is the first time i’ve really had this sort of freedom and space. I want to fill it up with stuff! However typical, my mind has gone completely blank. We need to brainstorm together.

The rules are: No painting (I have to keep the room in the same colour condition as when i got it) – BUT I can put wall stickers up or something that can be taken down easily. Posters and stuff are cool for example.

Actually, that’s kind of the only rule!

So things I need to consider would be furniture, maybe big bean bags or a sex swing? What about lamps and stuff?

Things I can use for camming, like investing in one of those super cool wheel-spin thingies, or buying a life size sex doll. (I really don’t actually want that) What about a giant disco ball to improve panty dances?

Things I’m interested in:

  • Books, comics, manga
  • Art, paintings, posters, prints
  • Beanbags, bouncy castles, plushies
  • Sweets/chocolate/ICECREAM
  • Dancing
  • Gangster things obviously

Honestly speaking, I have no idea how to best utilise this space. I want something fun, but I think it would be great for us to pick things out together. The idea is if you see anything you think would be perfect, tweet it to me. Then I’ll come up with a list of things  from those suggestions and we can all vote on decorating my room!

Looking forward to this! Thank youuuuu!