I’ve gotten loads of responses from everyone about decorating my room. Here are just a selection of what people have advised, and I still need your thoughts on it!


Furniture: Lots of ideas were put into what kind of furniture I should get. Some suggestions of bookcases (which I actually have one of, just need to pick up) and chairs were thrown about. Space wise I don’t think I have room to add a whole couch but bean bags were a cool idea. Some sent me a picture to this:

snorlax_beanbag_chair_by_smellenjr-d35r66e-500x376Whilst it is adorable, it’s not for sale! It was handmade and I’m not sure I have the skills to pull it off myself! Beanbags however do seem like a fun idea.  Another idea was the egg chair (I think it has a more official name) which I’m in love with. They’re so futuristic and comfy!!


Furniture ideas I decided against putting on my shortlist include sex swing and Japanese wooden horse (which was originally meant as a torture device!)  I was going to post a photo of what one looked liked, but found the following imagine instead, which is actually way better than what I was originally looking for!



Lighting: Lighting wise there’s been lots of variations from different lamps, studio lighting and of course, disco balls. The coolest of the lot has to be the gummy bear chandelier, which is both colourful and delicious looking! A little bit out of my price range however…!! Actually, chandeliers seemed to be an extremely popular choice by everyone, including of course, the cock and balls version. However I doubt I’ll get a chance to get one because my ceilings aren’t particularly high.

gummy-bear-chandelier-closeup IMG_2067


Finally TOYS! Lots and lots of toys. From giant plushies that can make friend with my penguin, to twister or a giant chess set. I have a giant jenga already in my room, and space is still somewhat limited, however it would still be awesome to get a game corner going. I was also debating whether or not to really go crazy and save up for a TV and console so that I can do some actual gaming… hehehe.


So please keep your ideas coming through on what I should do for decorating my room and also any thoughts on the options on this page!