After much questioning, both on cam and via email I’ve decided to tell you guys exactly what happened that night when I quickly logged off cam because my lesbian lover had decided she needed a shower at 3:47am. Here’s what I did with my lesbian lover in the shower all those nights ago that you guys are so insistent on finding out!


“Harriet do you mind if I use your shower?” She calls walking through the door in nothing but a towel, clearly not waiting for my answer. Of course, I would never say no but I still find it funny how she “wears the pants” in this relationship as it were! I’m still on cam at this moment and try to remain calm and indifferent to the noise of the water turning on and, I swear to god, I can hear water droplets splash off her breasts. I love you guys, but I’m not saying no to this.

I log off hastily, and get up off the bed. I go over to the bathroom, opening the door ever so slowly, steam already escaping through. She’s drawn the shower curtains which are the simple opaque white and I see her silhouette, arms raised washing her hair. It’s insanely sexy. I know she knows I’ve come through, but because she hasn’t said anything I don’t say anything either. Instead I slowly take off my top and panties and step into the shower behind her. Now she does notice me, but still doesn’t say anything.

I slip my arms around her, she’s slick and slippery from the soap and water. I pull her into me and it feels amazing to have her wet body pressed against mine as water splashes down her front. I take the soap in her hand and as she leans back against me I start to lather her breasts and torso. I use circular movements and soap studs start to cover her, sliding down her stomach and running down her thighs. I lean forward, continuing to rub her with the soap but now I start kissing her too.  The front of my hair starts to get wet as it’s now closer to the spraying water but i don’t take notice. Instead I start to lather her arms, soaping and kissing along. The soap tastes weird but she tastes sweet.


She’s had enough of this, and I don’t blame her because her body has become ridiculously soapy, as shown by the way it simply slips besides me. She turns around and I instantly miss the feel of her ass pressing against me, but then she wraps her hands around my neck, pulling me in to kiss her. Her lips are wet, her hair is wet and I feel the shower water pour over us as we just stand there kissing. Somehow it feels smoother, I think it’s because of the water but it’s probably just my imagination. She tastes wonderful and clean and I press her against the tiled wall. She yelps because it’s cold. This gives me and idea and I turn her around, pushing her breasts against the tiles. She lets out a high pitch noise of protest but as she’s wriggling her bum into me I know she doesn’t really mind. She stretches out, pushing her arms so only her hands are against the wall, her bottom almost knocking me out the shower. It’s the perfect position for me to kneel under her and take one breast into my mouth, water pouring down them, and sucking on them. Soapy water goes into my mouth but I don’t care, I lick and suck on her pretty nipples, switching from one breast to another. I use my hands to push her breasts together and try to suck them both at the same time but it doesn’t work.

Changing tact I use my left hand to sneak lower down her stomach until I can feel the warmth of her pussy. We don’t have to be in a shower for me to know she’s wet. My fingers are immediately glistening with her juices as I ease one finger into her, then a second finger and start to slowly pump in and out, my mouth still suckling on her breast. She’s moaning and pushing her chest to me more, and I speed up my rhythm.

I decide my knees don’t enjoy this position however and so I turn her over again, now so that her back is against the wall. I’m still crouching, but on my feet now rather than knees. I push her thighs apart and bury my face into her. I start by licking up the entirety of her slit, tasting the saltiness on my tongue. I suck and lick her clit, making her moan out loudly and pull my face deeper into her. I stick my tongue inside her sweet pussy, alternating between licking and sucking slowly to fast pumps with my tongue.

I feel the tell-tale signs of her orgasm as her thighs clench tightly around my head, I reach down and start touching myself, massaging my own clit in time with my tongue licking hers. She’s gasping out loud, her fingers knotted in my hair. I really suck away at her clit, flicking fast with my tongue. My fingers are pumping quickly in my pussy and as I feel her start shaking around me, a high pitch moan escaping her I let myself cum too. We both stay there, shaking and tingling together as water continues to pour down on one side. As the feeling subsides I stand up. She takes the bar of soap.

“Your turn Harriet.”