The tragic news of Robin Williams passing away has lit up the internet today with messages of love and sorrow. I found myself also upset by the news, the first time a celebrity death has ever felt personal somehow. So here are a few words about a great man.


I can’t say I’ve followed a lot of his works. I’m not really up to speed with as many movies and pop culture as many of my friends are. For instance I’ve never watched  Mork and Mindy, Good Morning Vietnam or Good Will Hunting. I have a friend who is a die hard fan. I mean that, die-hard. He spent a good two years of his life coming up with ways to meet the guy. For me, I’ve never really given him much thought. Not really.

I watched Blubber, Hook, Bicentennial Man and Mrs Doubtfire when I was a child and I think it was really those last two films that made me love him. Mrs Doubtfire for obvious reasons. Bicentennial Man because it broke my heart. It probably helped start my love for sci-fi and young me was fascinated by the perception of human. I then watched Dead Poet’s Society with my foster family, which was moving and sad. Again it touched my heart. As for Aladdin, I never really liked that movie, haha.

So although I’ve not really looked out for him any more than other actors, why am I so sad he’s past away?

Robin Williams’ work connected with people. The roles he played, the comedy he made, all of it touched your heart. He made it personal for you. Which is why now his death feels so personal for me. I think it’s because he really was a great guy. A rare, truly great guy. He was passionate about his work and it showed. He made comedy that everyone laughed with. He was loveable. He was relatable.

I guess now would be the normal time to mention his struggles, the way he died and ultimately the fact we have lost someone amazing. But I don’t really want to do that. I think in times like these, the best things are not to look at the bad side, but instead celebrate the good things. Don’t get me wrong, depression is a serious issue and so is addiction and struggle and suicide is a whole thing in itself.

But I don’t want to think of him in these terms and debates. Instead I just want to remember and thank a great actor, comedian and human being for bring laughter and love out.

So Thank You.