X-23 has always been a favourite character of mine.  I decided that this year, at my favourite comic convention in November I would finally cosplay her – but I came to one sudden realisation, she has abs of steel. I’ve been way over-due a superhero super training regime and thus have started my road at the gym, training for my X-23 cosplay!

Why do I want to be X-23? Mostly because she’s one of the few asian (sometimes) characters in comic books, but also because she’s the kick-ass female clone of Wolverine. Her costume is also really bad-ass, kinda punk meets goth meets super hero teen. Well it goes through a couple of phases. I think the most iconic one is her black leather(?) trousers and black bikini top, or her high collar, short sleeved crop top. I’ll personally be favouring the latter from her X-force days (however will decide closer to the date)

Now ok, a lot of guys are going to tell me I look just fine now. That I don’t need to lose weight or tone up or anything, and I can honestly say I don’t hate how I look right now. But I do WANT to tone up and look like a super hero. This is completely my choice and I’m going to work hard to get there. I hope you’ll support me along the way!

So basically, I’ve gotten myself a personal trainer who I see twice a week. We do strength training mostly I think as my base strength seems to be 0. I told him I wanted to start from the basics/scratch and he’s awesome. We’re also putting me on some food/diet goals, just to help with my metabolism and muscle gain.

I’m actually pretty excited to share my training with you guys. I guess I feel a little nervous because it’s hard, and I’m a real pussy. But I also thought it’d be fun to keep up, with progress photos and stuff. Haha. Early days yet.

Before photos

photo 1 photo 3

Stats: Week 1

Height: 165cm

Weight: 52.5kg

Body Fat Percentage: 24.6%

Number of push-ups I can do: 0

First training session:

10 step ups with 5kg dumbbells – height of platform: 90cm

20 sit ups

Repeat 3 times

10 half-push ups – height of platform: 60cm

10 bench squats

Repeat 3 times

10 pull ups on machine using 15kg weights

Repeat 3 times

10  weird ass cliffhanger thing… did not know what I was doing.

Number of days my body was sore afterwards: 2

Weight loss: 0

Weight gained: 0.5kg

New target for meals: No bread, no wheat, no grains. 3 meals a day (I often skip breakfast) and 50% protein. 1 day a week allowed to ignore rules.