I was cruising around twitter when I came across the profile of Valaentina Nappi. I’ve seen her videos around a couple of times, and I’ve always loved them. I was super excited to put a name to the face (and body!) of my favourite pornstar. The truth of the matter is, I think Valentina Nappi fucks better than anyone else! 


Valentina Nappi is an Italian pornstar who made her debut back in 2011. She’s taken the world by storm and her popularity is only increasing it seems! She has around 40 films made, anything from solo videos to gangbangs. It’s insanely impressive and also very lucky for me because I love watching her! I watch porn, not as much as I used to, but Valentina Nappi videos always get me going.

The biggest appeal for me is how much she enjoys it. All pornstars look like they enjoy what they do, but Valentina looks like someone who’s found enlightenment and and the answer to happiness – the answer being dick. Lots of dick. Strictly speaking, I’m not far off. She is a feminist! She believes that women should be able to have just as much sex as men do, without feeling social stigma or ashamed of it. She also doesn’t believe women should ever use sex as a weapon or use sex to manipulate men.

This is a really refreshing take on sex, and once women can accept that they’re allowed to enjoy and have lots of sex then I think we’ll all look just as happy as Valentina does. This is why Valentina Nappi fucks the best on camera too, she really, really loves it. I love watching her because I see the empowerment of women and I think to myself “yes, I love sex! I love sex and that’s ok!”

Well I have to admit, her body is also a big turn on. She has these amazing curves, her body is perfect in all the right places. I’m both in love and envy with her ass, which she uses very well. I’ve never been an ass-person but watching her anal videos has made me start looking a lot more!

I take a lot of inspiration from Valentina’s videos. I like the things she does and I love her oral techniques. I’m constantly trying to learn the positions she uses and the little things she does to make the guys orgasm. Guys that star in videos with her always seem like the happiest guys in the world. If I got a chance though, I think I would be the happiest too!