In the porn industry everyone knows that anal sex is a mega popular search. However new studies show that anal sex is also more popular in real life, with 94% of women who have anal sex say they reach orgasm!

When I first started watching porn not long ago, there were categories that I considered pillars of the community. These included Teen, Milfs, Interracial, Amateur and of course Anal Sex. In the outside world however I had always thought anal sex was something of a taboo. It was something a little naughtier, dirtier and even the most open girls at school never talked about it. Sure they’d talk about having sex, or giving a blow job, but as far as I could tell, anal sex was something strictly hard-core that hardly anyone ever did.

With my first boyfriend, I thought I learnt a lot about sex. I had a lot of “firsts” like learning to give head, trying out different positions and we even did it in a public space (a super market car park). Anal sex however never came up. Not once. My boyfriend, like most teenagers, was always horny and so I thought if he didn’t want to do it then it must be pretty rare. That’s why I was always embarrassed about the fact I was curious and wanted to try it. I think that a lot of people are in the same situation as I was, wanting to try but too worried they would be seen as freaky if they mentioned it!

When I started camming, I had the unbelievable fun of experimenting more with sex toys. This was when I bought my first butt plug, the smallest size and very gentle. I started, very slowly, to explore myself in new ways and so far, I’ve loved it. The first time I had anal sex, my partner was extremely gentle and at no point did I think what we were doing was dirty (or any dirtier) than normal sex, and although it was strange to get used to at first, I really enjoyed it. My new friends I’ve made since moving to London are also more open and we often talk about sex and make jokes. Anal sex has never been seen as a taboo.

Although I do think the acceptance of anal sex has increased greatly, I’m sure it’s been an ongoing trend far longer than the year it’s been since I started my own sexual journey. There was a survey published by the Journal of Sexual Medicine shows that whilst in 1992, 16% of women aged 18-24 had said they had tried anal sex, that number now reaches nearly 40%. The study (which you can find here) also notes that nearly 94% of those women agree they reach orgasm, which is much more than the 65% orgasm rate of women who had vaginal sex.

It’s not as black and white as that however, having anal sex doesn’t guarantee an orgasm. Rather, it’s more likely that couples who have anal sex also have more variety in their sex lives. By being open, and changing variety in what you do, including normal intercourse and oral, you heighten the chances of your partner climaxing! I know what that means for me at least, add more variety to my sex life for higher success rate! I’ll take any excuse to give more head!

Anal sex is more popular than ever, and follows the general trend of everyone being more open about their sexuality. It’s no longer as much as taboo, although it’s anal porn is still banned in 17 US States! I’m certainly looking forwarding to trying it out more, although it’s still something I don’t do very often and I’m taking slowly (literally) but I’m glad that I’m not weird for being so interested about it. Viva La Anal Sex!