It seems to me that men are very self conscious of their penis size. So the question I was asked this time was “Is my penis too small” and the answer is a little bit longer than a simple yes or no.


I often hear guys brag about their size, and I’ve had friends wonder “Is my penis too small?” or “Is my penis big enough?”. I personally think it’s very normal to question your size, women in return are always talking about their breast size! It’s really, really normal to compare yourself to everyone else. It’s not just penis size, we compare our facial features, our fitness level and our hair styles. However, unlike those, there’s very little you can do to change or enhance your natural body part. I think if men could get plastic surgery for penis enlargement in the same way women can get breast implants, they would. But like breast implants, most people prefer you natural.

Firstly let’s get the numbers out the way.


This study basically tells you the different percentiles of penis size found in three different studies, and you can see where you land on it. Take a mental note, and then forget about, because when we say size doesn’t matter, we mean it. It really doesn’t.

Why Guys Think They Need To Have a Big Dick

Let’s address the real issue here, the only reason anyone might be questioning their size is because somehow we got it into our heads that there is an ideal size. Somewhere along the lines, people assumed bigger is better. I’m sure there are many studies that can go into the psychological reasoning behind this, maybe talk about primate habits and evolution. But here are the points I think are the biggest culprit:

  1. Porn. Goddamn I love me  some porn, but I completely blame porn for making a big deal out of big dicks. It’s the same as models and actresses being insanely beautiful and women compare themselves to those icons, men will undoubtedly end up comparing themselves to porn actors. But I also thought, where in school does someone say “You’re penis is perfect just the way it is!” because that person would probably be sent to jail. It’s true though, that as you go through puberty and start asking questions, there’s no real material or answer and you end up making your own answers from available resources.
  2. Manhood. It seems like if you have a small penis it means you’re less of a man. I remember the first time I really saw this was when I watched Bowling For Soup’s “Highschool never ends” and a guy gets his pants pulled down and they censor his penis by saying “too small for tv” which was funny because the guy was a bully at school. Only what if you weren’t a bully at school? If I were a boy and I watched that I know the message it would have gotten across, it would have said “Having a small penis isn’t manly and you should be embarrassed about it.” Of course everyone knows those guys that also brag about their size, and I think that creates a culture of peer pressure as well.
  3. Sex Abilities. Guys seem to think that if they have a bigger penis, they automatically defunct to being better in bed. Girls sometimes think this too, and then they DO sleep with someone with a monster cock and know better. Joking, some guys with monster cocks are great in bed, but the reason isn’t their penis size.

Let’s get something straight, porn isn’t a good indicator for anything. I see women in porn and they always have on a lot of make-up, often very bold. They wear clothing like they’re going clubbing, they have big breasts and big butts and tiny waists and they can  make themselves into pretzels. I often compare myself to other porn actress, thinking should my breasts be bigger, should I be more tan, should I wear more make up? As much as you would tell me not to compare myself to other porn stars, I would tell you not to compare yourself to porn penises. Camera angles, shaved pubic hair and good lighting all help in making them seem a lot bigger than they are. When you look at yourself and you think “Is my penis too small?” you’re looking at it from a bird’s eye view. But when you watch porn you’re looking at it from angles that make the penis look bigger. The good news is, when girls look at you, it probably looks bigger than when you look at it.

As for manhood, I don’t think any normal person would judge a man based on the size of his penis. No normal, decent person would. Instead it’s a matter of personal pride and worry, but because it’s a topic that you wouldn’t discuss you’re also left to your own fears. I judge a man based on his actions, towards his friends, his family, towards his job and the community. I respect him based on his kindness and compassion. I love him for his humour and the ability to make me orgasm, which more often than not, isn’t even from penetrative sex.

So the biggest thing to think about is how to improve yourself in the bedroom! Don’t worry about size, and instead work on your oral skills,  find  the G-spot and the clitoris and master them! I have a friend who has a big penis, and he told me it’s not great fun. For instance, when getting together with a girl for the first time, he has to take things really slow and find her limits. This sounds normal right? No, he means how much of his penis he can put in! And he says he’s never really able to go hard and ram it because it hurts the girl, and so he’s always got to be really in control. However, after talking to his girlfriend, it seems he’s fantastic in bed, but she made a big point of explaining it’s because he puts a lot of care into making sure she feels good, and his penis size doesn’t really play into it.

There you have it, the numbers to tell you scientifically if your penis is below average size, and then why it doesn’t matter. Honestly, if you ever feel yourself asking “Is my penis too small?” you should ask your partner. Chances are they won’t even care, and you have to believe them. Instead, focus on foreplay!