When I started going to the gym, I was at base 0. If that! It’s now been just over a month since I started getting fitter, and my trainer decided it was time for a new gym workout – it’s a (slightly) tougher regime. Here’s my new training plan!


The Overhead Squat – This was the first new exercise I learnt. I’ve been doing a lot of squats, sometimes with weights and sometimes not. However this was the first of the harder level squats I was introduced to. I think it’s popular with crossfit people, but I can honestly tell you now, I have no idea what cross fit is. I used a lady’s bar with only 2.5kg of weights, so it’s still very light and basic. However I was told I have surprisingly good form and should look into being a weight lifter.

The Overhead Squat with Chris Spealler

Front Squat – It was at this moment I remembered my trainer does a lot of crossfit. However unlike the overhead squat I found the front squat to be really, really hard. Keeping my elbows lifted upwards felt almost impossible half the time, and the bar pressed against my throat making it harder to breath. I thought to myself “great, I know my new least favourite exercise”

<iframe width=”520″ height=”294″ src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/wyDbagKS7Rg” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>


Back extensions and Sit-ups: We have this really scary machine at the gym. Every time my trainer walks towards it, I feel this sense of impending doom. I can’t remember what it’s called but it’s used for a variety of different exercises. I use it for back extensions and sit ups now. It’s scary because you basically sit your bum on this spinny padded things, then have your feet between these other padded things. You then do a sit up, with nothing supporting your back. It’s like the “trust” exercise you do with your friends where you fall backwards and hope they catch you, but instead of a friend catching you, it’s your feet in between the other padded things. My feet are also laughably small so I constantly feel they are going to slip through, which wouldn’t happen if I had bigger feet! I tried looking for the machine I’m talking about, but couldn’t. Instead I found this video on youtube that kinda does the same thing. I also carry a small weight when I do the back extension, and for the sit ups I have to go as far back as I can until my hands each the floor. I keep my head against my chin to stop getting headrush.

Gym Exercises: Strengthen Your Lower Back - Reverse Sit-ups (Intermediate)

Finally I learnt how to do a Russian Twist. I used a 10kg weight, and although at first it seemed like i really simple exercise, it was actually really hard. I did 30 reps for 4 sets.

How To: Alternating Floor Oblique Twist w/ Weight


Those were the things I learnt for my new gym workout. I also did more pull ups using an assisted elastic belt, box jumps and bench leg raises (which I hate.) Overall I could tell that the new gym workout was harder because I got tired faster and sweat more, however it also felt much more satisfying to complete and I can really tell i’m getting stronger. I guess I’ll learn how to do them, up the weights used and then move onto level 2!