People are constantly asking me what my favourite sex positions are, and I’m constantly dodging the question. The answer is, it changes depending on my mood and who I’m with! However I’m tried my best to compile a list of my top 5 sex positions. However, I don’t actually know what the “official” name for most sex positions so be ready for my made up ones.

So keep reading to find out what Harriet Sugarcookie’s top 5 sex positions are!

The Lesbian Spoon

When it comes to having sex with a girl, nearly all the fundamental positions are different. Unless you’re wearing a strap-on for instance, the missionary position doesn’t really do anything. However I’ve always thought of lesbian sex in general to be more tender than straight sex (although some girls can be very feisty!) and so positions like spooning works really well. I like this position for when my partner and I have just woken up and are feeling tired and lounge-y. It’s a very casual position and I find it very sensual. I’m also often the big spoon, but I don’t mind that! It’s very comfortable, and easy to switch around so both partners can give.


The classic scissors

I think anyone who has ever heard of lesbians understand that lesbians “scissor”. However it wasn’t until my first proper girlfriend Nina did I actually find out how it works. I think when you hear the term “scissor” it can be a bit tricky to understand the mechanics. The position is actually very easy and the main goal is the stimulation of both partner’s clitoris by rubbing against each other. This position is great for all levels of intensity, whether a tender slow rhythm or a faster, harder grind.


Standing Up Position

This only works for me if both my partner and I are really in the heat of the moment. I actually remember the first time I did it, it was with my boyfriend at the skate park. We were both suddenly in the mood, his house was in another city and I lived with my parents. We ended up having sex with my pressed against the wall, legs around his hips. It was amazing, probably one of the most exciting sexual experiences I’ve had. We tried repeating the position the next week back at his place but it didn’t feel quite the same without the spontaneity of the moment.


Lady Cowgirl

When I first started having sex, I really hate being on top. I think it was because of the shape of my first boyfriend’s penis, which made it feel uncomfortable. Even now, I don’t prefer being on top to most other positions. However I find that guys really enjoy women being on top. I’ve gotten better at it, and I do enjoy it now, but for me it’s best if I can have my breasts pressed against my partner’s chest. It’s because I feel shy and the extra contact makes me feel better.nrm_1407166548-the-ride-of-your-life

The Jockey

I’ve been told it’s ” The Jockey” but I have no idea. – Pillow is also optional. I have always loved being taken from behind, I feel like you can get a deeper penetration and because most penises curve, the feeling is slightly different too. The first time someone told me I don’t have to be on my hands and knees however I was really surprised. I didn’t know if by just lying down if the guy would be able to put it in me, since it seemed “closed” rather than “open” if I were on my knees with my legs spread out. However I really enjoyed it, and I loved the feeling of closeness having him on top of me like that. Ever since it’s been in my top list!



Although it’s not in this list of my top 5 sex positions, I want to give a shout-out to Missionary. Some people say if you constantly only do it in the missionary position then you’re boring or too vanilla, but the missionary feels good! It’s a classic and it beats complicated things like the cork-screw or any of the positions where someone is hanging off the bed! Sometimes I think “Wow, Missionary really is my favourite position of all time!” but sometimes I prefer the other ones too. So there you have it! My top 5 sex positions! Reply with your favourite sex positions and why you like them and we can compare!