With more and more uber-geeky toys hitting the shops every year, nerds are spoilt for choice for things to buy like never before. Here are my top 5 must buy items for the geeks you know and love this Christmas.


Star Trek: Original Series Phaser Universal Remote Control.


ts mission: to explore strange new channels, to seek out old Star Trek reruns and appalling new reality TV shows, to boldly watch what no man has watched before. Easily my favourite geek gift this year. The remote uses gestures instead of buttons to control your TV. So it will blow away your friends and family and get awesomely strange looks from non nerds when they see you changing channel. It’s amazingly detailed and looks so real.

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Original Stormtrooper Helmet


I want one of these so bad! Stormtrooper cosplay anyone? These replicas are about as close to an original as you can get. They are based on the molds from the 1976 film. Prices range from £300 right the way up to £800

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Doctor Who: Risk Board Game


Everyone plays board games at Christmas whether you like them or not (I do!) so why not give the board game an natty nerdy twist? Risk, possibly one of the most addictive board games ever for schoolboys and Doctor freaking Who; what’s not to like?

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Millennium Falcon Chocolate


I don’t what else to say about this. It’s chocolate. It’s shaped like the Millennium Falcon.

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Oishi Fun Box Subscription

Oishi Fun Japanese Subscription box

Why not get your nerd you love an awesome present every month for the whole year with an Oishi Fun Box subscription. They fill a big box with loads of amazing and unusual candies and snacks and post them to you wherever you are in the world. And it’s only $25.

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