It’s that time of year again gentlemen. Christmas. But the age old question is, what do you buy for you other half, and how the hell do you buy it? Lingerie is the perfect balance of intimate yet beautiful and let’s you have an extra sexy Christmas night. But it can be embarrassing, not to mention confusing for guys to navigate a lingerie store, so here is my guide on how to buy your girlfriend or wife the perfect lingerie for Christmas! 


Once upon a time, there was a man who wanted to buy his wife some lingerie, but he was too embarrassed to go to a lingerie shop or ask for help on the matter. This man went one stop further though to make his wife happy and created his own online website, for those who wanted to buy lingerie. He named it after his wife, and thus was born “Victoria’s Secret”. That’s right, the huge brand name, full of exotic beautiful models, that have amazing shows and stores around the globe all started off from one man who wasn’t able to go into a shop and buy his wife a pretty pair of panties.

Luckily you don’t have to go to that extent to get something special for you girl. Internet shopping is a big thing now, and most lingerie stores have online websites with fast and discreet delivery. No more walking into a shop that’s lined with bras, asking a female sales assistant for help and then running out blushing because you picked up a pair of crotchless panties.  Instead, I’ve written down some easy pointers in a step-by-step guide!

Harriet’s easy guide to buying lingerie

  1. Find out her bra and pantie size. Whilst the easiest method is to ask her, you don’t want to ruin the surprise so instead look through her underwear draw, or check the label on her underwear next time you do the laundry. The label should be on the inside of the bra and panties. Panties come in sizes XS, S, M, L – so they’re easier to guess.
  2. Decide what type bra you want to get her.
    Tshirt Bra – Comfy, full cups that are easy to wear, just like a t-shirt! Gives great profile under a t-shirt too!
    Half Cup Bra/ balcony bra – like it sounds, these have shorter cups, almost half. That gives me cleavage, and is good for dresses and tops that show a little more cleavage.
    Strapless – No straps on these bras, perfect for when you don’t want bra straps distracting away from a dress or outfit.
    Push-Up Bra – These have padding in them and are designed to push breasts up and together, giving the best cleavage and also making breasts look bigger
    Underwired or non-wired – Most bras will tell you if they have wires or not, wires give better shape and support but underwire can be more comfy and sleeker.
  3. Decide the colour or pattern of the bra.
    Black – A timeless classic that suits everyone. You can’t go wrong.
    Red – Very bold, suits light skin tones and blondes, the sexiest colour.
    White – Also a classic, it’s actually very bold, and can be hard to pull off, but gives a virginal innocence that can heighten the sexy appeal.
    Blue or Purple – Regal colours that suit exotic skin tones, add colour to elegance.
    Green – Depending on shade can be very rich and luxurious, really suits red-heads.
    Yellow – Suits darker coloured skin, very bright and bold.
    Pink – A cute colour for a more playful look.
  4. Decide the fabric of the bra.
    Lace – very delicate and instantly sexy, a popular favourite for women.
    Silk – super luxurious looking and feels magical against skin.
    Cotton – Comfortable and warm, great for more regular use.
    Latex – shiny and smooth to the touch, very kinky material!!
  5. Pick a brand to shop at. It’s much easier than going through lots of different websites and having to search through hundreds of bras!
    Victoria’s Secret – Popular and safe option. Their bras have good coverage, and the presentation is lovely. There’s also a great range of colours and styles and suits all body types.
    Agent Provocateur – My personal favourite, very sexy brand filled with laces, silks and true to it’s name, provocative sets! Especially great for that extra oomph factor!
    Intimissimi – An Italian brand that works well with simple design concepts, really suits slim figures.
    Freya – A brand rather than a company, they have a robust set of styles and gaining popularity in America. They also have the “Fantasy” and “Fauve” range which very in styles and are more luxurious.
    Elomi – Another brand, these sets are specialised for the plus sizes ladies, with cups going all the way to HH and K – but still beautiful patterns and designs.
    Coco De Mer – Specialises in kinkier garments, bondage inspired and the gift for any femme fatale types. Very sensual and erotic.

Be sure to order the lingerie as soon as you can though, because Christmas is just around the corner! These can be great gifts on their own, or matched with perfume. For kinkier gifts, you can also add sex toys and lubes. For more sensual things, try buying a silk blind fold! If you want to get her a full set, think about also getting her a silk bathrobe. Good luck shopping guys!