I know it’s already been 2 days since the AVN awards, but being in America I have just been insanely busy, and only now am I sat in a nice, comfy motel bed with some spare time! This is my recap and highlights of attending the AVN Awards 2015!

AVN awards

As everyone knows, thanks to some amazing friends and fans, my website was nominated for “Best Solo Girl Website” which propelled me to take a trip to the US of A in the first place. I’ll firstly mention that I didn’t win the award, instead it was won by the very talented Aaliyah Love, so you should definitely go check out her award winning website now!

Despite being nominated for an award, I wasn’t meant to go on the RedCarpet. Instead, I was given a red carpet pass thanks to the lovely ladies at the ticket booth (you get put on a waiting list) and I was very lucky to get one. I had to panic over what to wear, and decided that I couldn’t possibly compete with all the stunning dresses that were bound to appear, I instead wore a see-through but patterned rain mack.

AVN awardsI also got to meet Asa Akira again in the line, by mistaking her publicist Daniel Metcalf for Ed Powers, running up to him shouting “ED! Heyy!!” and hugging him. He hugged me back and said hello, and then I realised it wasn’t him and said “But you’re not even Ed!” before turning around to see Asa Akira laughing at me. She had remembered that I had interviewed her that morning and was looking stunning in a golden dress.

I was able to make Samantha Bentley laugh whilst queuing by making a Monty Python reference, and I didn’t recognise her without the blonde hair. It felt so lovely to hear someone who also had a British accent after being surrounded by American accents. It turns out, we live on the same tube line, and we have promised to grab coffee together when we’re both back in the UK!

I was also able to talk more to Hitomi Tanaka and Anri Okita, Anri who was wearing the most beautiful dress inspired by the Japanese Kimono. It was probably the most beautiful dress I have ever seen in my life. Hitomi and I were able to communicate a little by lots of hand movements and having Anri help with translations. They warned me against going to a Host Club if I ever go to Japan.

The walk itself was insanely hard, as I’m not used to wearing heel. Most of the photos people snapped of me had me pulling horrible faces, and having my legs point in unrealistic angles. There was also a lot of traffic, and at one point piles of pornstars were waiting on the red carpet just before the main entrance. It was here that Ron Jeremy himself pulled up alongside me, forgetting that I had interviewed him previously in the day, and promptly groping my bum before being led ahead as VIPs do.

Once the red carpet moved properly it was actually very fast to get through, press weren’t interested in me and I wasn’t allowed into the media room. A guy from Buzzfeed did however take my picture, even some with a 3D camera but I lost his business card when I sat down and took my coat off. BuzzFeed guy, if you ever read this, please send me the photos you took!!!!

Once you make it through several barriers, and get to the hall where the awards are hosted, you’re cheek to cheek with everyone. I got to pose with Skin Diamond, Jack Napier and their crew, Jack Napier declaring I was “Black for the night”. I think for me, this was a highlight because it’s a sign that I am cool and gangsta and all my rapping on cam payed off!

AVN awardsJack Napier was actually the sweetest, funniest guy ever, taking time to help introduce me to pornstars, producers, DJs and just people. Everyone was insanely nice, and I wish I could remember all their names but it’s one giant, party blur. I remember meeting Ari Dee in the line, who was also nominated in the same category, and thinking how beautifully tall she was, like an elegant willow.

I met Valentino who is a pornstar, producer and director who took to showing me around after the AVN awards, where we managed to get to a couple of parties and I also managed to get banned from the Hard Rock Hotel (unless I make a phone call next year to apologise to the Head of Security )

How did I get banned? Well not getting into full details, I was being very loud, filmed on a camera phone, and talking about burgers. James Deen watched me get escorted out by Security, and I think Jack Napier has it on his camera phone. Afterwards I went to parties in different hotels, because there really is a lot of parties after the AVN Awards 2015. Some are hosted by the AVN itself, others by guests attending and a lot of them spread via text message.

I was invited to several “adult” parties, including one gangbang which I turned down nicely although at the time I was terrified. I think I learnt a lot in this trip, and next year (if Hard Rock let me back in) will be very different. It was a huge learning curve, and although the red carpet walk was fun, I think the awards night itself was just a climatic, banging end to a wonderfully insane week.

I really wish I could say thank you to all the truly amazing people I met at the AVN awards 2015, and I can’t wait to meet them again next year!