December and the lead up to the New Year has always been a mad rush. With preparations for the AVN Awards, these past few months have been crazy busy for me. Combine a lot of travelling, essay deadlines and everything else, it’s been a miracle to have time for a quickie here and there, but I like to have slow, romantic sex as well! 


I have been tired and stressed out this past week from writing essays to packing for my Vegas trip. I’ve had little time to see my friends, and the evenings that have been free I have spent with Audrey who only visits occasionally. Audrey has now gone home and I’m feeling sorry for myself.

The doorbell rings, but non of my housemates are home. It’s also too late for the postman, so I’m curious as I answer it. Standing outside is Oscar, several bags in hand, smiling proudly at me with his nose pink from the cold. He stumbles in and gives me a hug, which is warm despite the fact he’s covered in cold air.

I don’t have time to ask any questions as he walks into my room , turns me out and tells me to “go make a cup of tea or something.” I’m surprised by the visit and even more surprised by being locked out of my own room, but I wouldn’t ever turn down a cup of tea. I just about finish my cup, when my bedroom door squeaks open.

Inside, my room is a soft, orange glow. Oscar has set up candles on all the surfaces, some tall candles and some short candles. The fairy lights over my bookshelf give off the most illumination, making my bed dance with flickering reflection.

Oscar has stripped down to only his boxers, and wraps his arms around me. I feel as he starts to slowly kiss down my neck, his hands carefully lifting away my pyjamas.  He kisses along my arm, light and tender. The room smells of vanilla, sweet, curling. The dim light and sweet smells make my skin tingle, and I close my eyes to enjoy the tingling of his hands on my body.

I feel my bra unhook, closely followed by kisses on my breast. One nipple is taken into his mouth, his tongue hot and wet, licking at the peaking bud. I’m leaning back against the door, with nothing to grip onto so instead my hands are splayed out behind me. I feel his kisses travel further down, over my navel and the slight tug on my panties. I wiggle a little to get out of them.

Oscar takes my hand and leads me to the bed. I lie down, feeling silly, giggling. He turns me over however so that I’m on my front, and I’m confused. Before I can ask, I feel something cold dripping onto my back, making me squeal out. His hands press firmly into my back, massaging the lotion over me. I sigh and relax into the pillows. I can’t remember the last time we did this.

He straddles over me, hands kneading away at the tension in my back, rubbing over my neck, shoulders, caressing down the sides of my breasts, grazing softly over my bum. I start to feel sleepy, happy and content, hypnotised by the candle flames. His fingers start to slowly trace lines on my back, little circles, kisses following.

I roll over, yawn, stretching out and reaching up. I wrap my arms around his neck, pull him down into me. We lie for a while like that, him resting on me, our noses touching. I decide to bite his chin. He opens his eyes and bites my nose.

We kiss. We bite. We roll around on the bed. He takes my breast, nibbles, licks, making my moan out. I tackle him down, sit on top of his lap, rock back and forth a few times, feeling his hard cock pressing against me. My wetness coats him with a fine sheen, which I bend down to inspect closer. I lick him, tasting myself on his skin, pushing his cock into my mouth, wrapping my tongue around his length.

His hands curl in my hair, he helps me take him in, sliding his cock further down my throat. I gag a little, saliva dripping out my mouth, but I suck harder. I love the taste of him in my mouth, I love making him moan out loud as well. I like how it feels as he lifts his hips up, pushing more of himself into my mouth.

He let’s go of my hair and pulls me back up. We embrace, hugging each other closely. He was close. It makes me so happy knowing I can make him climax using just my mouth. I snuggle into him more, basking in the relaxed state of my muscles, in his ragged breathing, and the feel of skin against skin. The vanilla smell of my room is now mixed with the smell of sex. Sweaty. Sweet.

His hand moves down my stomach, although I’m still being held close to him. A finger trails lightly over my clit and entire length of my opening. It comes back glistening with moisture.

I’m so wet, it easily slips in. I bite my tongue, my arms wrapped tightly around him, my face buried in the space between his head and his shoulders. His fingers play lightly, pushing slowly in and out, circling my clitoris.

I gasp and moan into his shoulder, my hands gripping onto his hair. He’s kissing, biting my ear as his fingers continue to slowly, sensually coax me, waves of pleasure rippling through my body. Shivers, convulsions, I’m putty in his hands.

My legs start clamping together, the build up too much, my back is arched, my eyes closed. He stares down at me, propped up on one elbow as the other hand is now moving faster, pumping into me.

There is a ridiculously large wet patch underneath me, but neither of us are thinking about it. Instead we are thinking about the moment, counting, watching out for the moment when he uses those fingers to ever so gently push me off the edge.

My body buckles under the intense pleasure, and as wave after wave of ecstatic pleasure washes over me, I am swept into his arms. Cradled against him.

My eyes are drooping, I can still see candle light and the air is musky.  I smile into him, knowing he’s unable to see my face in this light, and instead, I wrap my hand gently over his still throbbing cock.