It’s that time of year again guys, that last week before Valentines Day and you’ve realised you’ve once again left it too late to get around to buying your girlfriend or wife a present. You don’t even know what to get her. Here’s my brainstorm list of last minute valentine day gift ideas.

There’s always a lot of options as to what you can get your significant other as a Valentines day gift, ranging from dorky and fun to intimate and seductive. There’s also the budget to take into account, since everything is so blown up for Valentines day. So for this blog, I will be splitting everything up into types of gifts, then order them from most affordable!

Dorky and Fun  

You and your partner don’t take valentines day seriously, it’s just another commercial “holiday” so that restaurants can over charge on their set menus after all. But that doesn’t mean your girlfriend doesn’t want anything. To play it safe, you should get her something dorky and fun. Something silly to say “I know we don’t believe in this, but I got you something so you can brag to all your friends anyway.”

  1. A kickass, funny and down right silly card. Yes. That’s all it takes. But it has to be a silly card, that brings out all the reasons why valentines day is so silly. The best part is you can make your own card and put your own personal twist on the whole thing!
  2. Some childhood candy or sweets – maybe even geeky ones. Everyone likes sweets, and although people think chocolate when it comes to Valentines day, you can go the other way and buy yourself a bucket of nostalgia. They’re more fun to share as well!
  3. Buy them a collection of action movies – and title it “The best romances in Cinema” – since nearly all action films have a romantic interest! You could go one step further and pick a specific actor they like, such as Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Presents for Foodies

Some people love food, and if you know your partner is a foodie, then you’re probably thinking a box of chocolates. Whilst there is nothing wrong with a box of chocolates, there’s really a whole host of mouthwateringly good gift ideas!

  1. Buy them a range of foods that are known to be aphrodisiacs. Yes, chocolate is amongst those, but so are avocados. You should have a Nacho party.
  2. You can cook a special home dinner. Maybe you know their favourite food? Home dinners can also be made special by customising the ingredients so that everything is heart shaped! I’ll be posting some Valentines Day recipes so be sure to check that out too!
  3. Take them out to their favourite place. This sounds really obvious, but you don’t have to think about it in terms of expensive restaurants. For example, I love burgers and would find a trip to my favourite burger joint super special. You can draw a heart using ketchup!

Sweet and Romantic

Maybe the most obvious option, sweet and romantic is everything valentines day is about according to all advertisements everywhere. But it’s not just an advertisement gimmick, it really works!

  1. A single flower. It’s not lame, it’s totally cool even The Flash uses this trick. Don’t go for the rose though, go for her favourite flower.
  2. A whole bunch of flowers. I believe that everyone loves flowers, even if they refuse to acknowledge it. Although the bunch of roses is the norm, it doesn’t mean it’s the most romantic. A bunch of wild flowers (not ones you’ve picked yourself) can smell amazing and also be very unique.
  3. A bunch of flowers, a box of chocolates (pick her favourite), some bath products (such as bubble bath and a massage bar), a bottle of perfume aaaaand cook her a home made meal. No seriously, why not just go the whole hog? It’s over the top but that’s what’s so great about it.

Sexy and Intimate

Valentines day is a great day for sex. Well, everyday is a great day for sex, but Valentines day is a great day for introducing something new to your sex life, and trying something special.

  1. Fluffy Handcuffs and nipple clamps. Only joking about the nipple clamps… But why not spice up your sex life by buying something a little bit different?
  2. A new set of lingerie. This is a tradition for me, every year I go and buy myself a really, really nice set of lingerie, just for valentines day. Lingerie shops also know that men are shopping for their women so they’re great at giving you advice on what to get. As long as you know her size though, pick whichever one yo think is sexy and it’ll be perfect.
  3. A very fancy new toy. Classy toys would include glass dildos (always a crowd pleaser) products from LELO and also silver buttplugs. I find CocoDeMer do some great toys, and are also helpful for BDSM stuff too!

There are of course so many more presents you can get, but don’t worry if you’re shopping super last minute Valentines day gifts, because the most important thing is that you thought about your partner and you go out of your way to show them your love, no matter what your stance is on the holiday.