I know that Oscar is planning something naughty when he suggests we have a shower together. He’s never asked me to share a shower with him before, and for a guy that sometimes showers twice in a day, It’s almost too obvious, although he tries to play it off coolly.

We have just finished the dinner he cooked for us tonight, and after the plates are cleared away Oscar stands up, stretches his arm in a yawn and says, “I’m going to go and have a shower. You can join me if you like, but you don’t have to.’’ Then he saunters off. I take a second to decide whether or not to follow him. I have had a bath today and not in the mood for getting my hair wet a second time. However I’m not one to pass out on sexy fun.

I decide to wait a bit, so that by the time I open the bathroom door, Oscar is already under the hot stream of the shower. I take my clothes off and they slump in a pile in the corner. I can already smell the lemon zest scent of Oscar’s shower gel and the heat of the bathroom fogs  up my glasses, leaving me blind.

As I climb into the shower, I wrap my hands around Oscar, feeling the water on skin, running down his body and my hands. I leisurely caress his wet body before nudging him to the side and letting the water splash over my own body. It is hot, boiling almost, and my skin tingles at the contact, the surrounding areas suddenly too aware of the cold air.

Oscars hands are at my body, but with the soap bar. I stand still as he massages my arms, neck, and breasts. My nipples harden to tight peaks as he pinches them teasingly under the soapy bubbles. I take the soap away from him and return the favour, caressing into his chest, back, shoulders. I then put the soap down and take the shampoo instead.

I like washing hair, it calms me down and I like working my fingers into the scalp, so that it turns into a half head massage. I am washing Oscar’s hair like this when he decides to start kissing my breasts. He takes on nipple in his mouth, and without using his teeth, tugs on it gently. He then does the same with the other nipple, tugging with just enough force to make it not comfortably gentle, but not painful either.

His kisses follow a trail down my belly, landing small nibbles on my upper thigh. I know where he is going with this, but even though I tense up, I continue to massage his head, as it travels further south. I end up all but clutching at his hair when I feel his tongue lap lightly against my clitoris. Because of the position we are in, my standing up and him kneeling, I find it hard to keep my balance. I end up leaning against the tiled walls, praying my legs don’t buckle under his oral assault. The pleasure comes in sharp bursts, each time his tongue hits their mark.

My legs start to shake, and I realise that there is no where in the shower for my to place my hands. Unable to steady myself, I have no choice but to attempt to pull Oscar away, and although panting I just about manage. He kisses me, tasting a little salty but also of the fresh shower water that continues to spray over us. It’s a moist kiss, and he lifts me up, my back already pressed against the wall. I spread my legs apart, still trying to keep balance, and I feel as he swiftly enters into me.

The wall behind me is cold, and the water spraying over me is warm. But Oscar feels hot. Hot inside me, thrusting against the shower of water that covers us, using the wall as support and leverage to push himself deeper into my. I feel a little helpless, unable to grip onto anything so instead I hold him close, stifling my moans of pleasure into his shoulder, my fingers clenched tightly around his back.

The pace picks up, but Oscar pulls out. Sensations are confusing me, the shower still constant but the shift between hot and cold deepening on where I stand makes every move I take significant. Not wanting to lose the momentum, I sink down onto my knees and take Oscar’s cock into my mouth.  I can taste myself on him, but I like the taste and it just makes me try to take more of him into my mouth. I can feel it as he pushes against the back of my throat.

I start sucking on his cock hungrily, I’ve come to really love the taste of it. I like to wrap my tongue around the tip, and lick my way to the base. I use my free hands to pump at the parts that aren’t  in my mouth, and it helps me keep up a steady rhythm. I love it when I can feel his cock get harder, tighten almost in my mouth and it encourages me to suck a little harder. I anticipate him cumming in my mouth, so I stick my tongue out and look up at him hopefully.

He gives me this quick smile and instead of squirting into my mouth, takes my hand and lifts my back up to my feet. I am then swirled around so that my back is facing him, and he bends me over so that my hands are resting where the shower controls are. He then pushes himself into me and starts fucking me from behind, hard and fast and rough. It feels amazing every time he pulls out, only to slam back into me, slapping against my ass.

It feels amazing, the shower falling down and hitting right above where he enters me and I start to climax, calling out in pleasure, hands up bracing myself against the wall, pushing my bum back so that Oscar’s cock and push even deeper inside me. It’s as my body shaking  and trembling that I feel him tense up. With one final, amazing thrust he starts to cum inside me, filling me with his hot liquid. I push myself back onto him as much as I can, and he grabs my ass and gives a few gentle thrusts.

We stand in this position for a moment, both too spent to do anything else, letting the shower wash away the evidence. Then, I turn around and give him a kiss before getting the soap bar to clean up again.