Social media has gone into boobilicious overdrive recently as the Free The Nipple campaign went viral in Iceland after 17-year-old Adda Smáradóttir topless selfie was criticised by equally topless selfie taking males.

Free the nipp vs No more page 3

Women around Iceland rose up in the name of gender body equality by posting rebellious photos of their bare chests, alongside other forms of protest such as sticking up their middle fingers.

Everyday we see advertisements of topless men strutting their stuff, happy in the knowledge that their nipples won’t offend anyone, on billboards or TV commercials, yet the same body part on a confident women can only be found in places like The Sun’s Page 3.

Even that is going too far for some people, the anti Page 3 campaign No More Page 3 is going strong as women around Britain find themselves offended by and want to ban from publication: other women’s nipples.

While Feminists from New York to Iceland fight against the inequality of being unable to bare their chests in the same way as men, those in Britain fight against them. Just maybe those titillating tabloids printing nipples publicly were ahead of the curve all along?

More seriously, it bother’s me that two sets of feminists would have such opposing views. I believe it’s a women’s individual right to choose to expose her nipple or not and no man or women should really have a say in the matter.