This year will be my first time going to MCM Expo. I’ve never been before although loads of my friends have been. I’ve bought myself the weekend ticket and I’m super mega excited to go. So excited that I’ve come up with an easy, comprehensive guide on the hottest things to do at London MCM Expo.


London MCM Expo is probably best known for the huge amount of anime and manga fandom. There is of course sci-fi fans, comicbook fans and gamer geeks who attend, but when it comes to Cosplay there will be every single character ever. My best friend is a huge fan of the Touhou franchise, and I know that every year there is a Touhou Cosplay group that meet up. After hearing about them so much I’d like to meet them!

I think I would really like to just meet a lot of cosplayers, and I’ll be looking forward to admiring their costumes. One of the hottest things to do at London MCM Expo is to check out the Cosplay Masquerade where people are able to show off their amazing costumes, do little skits including singing/dancing and even slapstick comedy.

I’m looking forward to all the asian inspired stalls that will be at London MCM Expo this year as well, and they call it PopAsia. There will be lots of food stalls set up including shaved ice, which I adore but also very hard to find.

With the rise of youtube and internet stars, London MCM Expo have set up a whole area called VidFestUK which celebrates the video stars of the UK. I’m hoping to meet some amazing youtubers such as TomSka who’s videos I find hilarious, and Alex Day who I also find hilarious (yet always on point with the news) – If I could get an interview with either of these guys I would be over the moon, but I think I’d be happy just meeting them. There will of course be tons of other people that I’m sure you’ll all recognise.

Special guest this year is super cute, super geek, Felicia Day who’s youtube’s geek sweetheart. I know several friends who started to play WoW just because of her. I don’t know if I’ll get a chance to actually say hello, but I might try and watch one of her panels.

I obviously can’t leave out the ComicVillage being a pretty huge comic nerd, and one of my favourite things about going to conventions is being able to meet indie comic book writers and artists. I’ve found that by going to comic conventions, whilst it’s great that I get to meet my favourite big star names, I also end up discovering loads of new artists. I’ve also been getting into a lot of webcomics recently and I’d love to meet some webcomic creators. Finally, it’s also a great place to get commissioned artwork which I’m super excited to do.

Finally stuff. There will be so many things for sale on at the London MCM Expo I can already hear the faint sounds of my piggy bank crying itself to sleep. I’m looking forward to buying new comics, getting art commissions, buying lots of food and snacks… and that’s before we get onto the cute plushies, or the cosplay accessories or just general geeky things for geeks. I’m hoping that by then I will be living in a new house and I’m all ready to get things to deck it out with.