Mike and I have already gone to bed, both of us exhausted and spent by the time we actually fall asleep. I feel a little guilty then as I wake up it feeling very horny. Mike however doesn’t seem to mind and instead surprises me with rough sex in the middle of the night.

I’ve rolled over the Mike’s side of the bed and slipped my hand down his boxer briefs. I don’t know who wakes up first, Mike or his dick. At first I’m just rolling it around in my hand, squeezing it gently here and there. I feel it starting to grow bigger and harder though, and there’s something fascinating and extremely arousing about being able to feel the effects you have on a guy.

Mike continues to play dead though, but I can feel that his breathing has changed. Now instead of steady slow breathes, he’s taking in quicker, shorter gasps when I squeeze his cock in a certain way. It’s a fun game, and I decide to take it to the next level by lifting the covers up and going down on him.

There is nothing in the world he likes more than getting head. At least, I don’t think there is. So it’s with a tingling sensation as I place his hard cock into my mouth and start to wrap my tongue around it, then slowly ease my head up and down, letting it completely fill my mouth. Mike takes my hair and holds it away from my face, and as he does so he pulls on it ever so slightly. I like that.

I go slow and steady at first, taking measured and time swallows. I know he likes the repetitiveness of it all. I don’t use my hands except to hold the base of his cock to help steady it into my mouth. He says it’s because hands take away from the sensations of my lips wrapped around his cock, and how soft they feel as he drives himself down my throat.

I plan on doing this until he cums, since it’s late and we’re both tired. It’s not his fault I woke up super horny after all. Instead however I feel him pull my hair slightly, to indicate for me to stop. I’m a little disappointed, but stop anyway.

I cuddle back up to him, ready to fall back asleep, but he whispers instead “I really want to fuck your throat.” I’m immediately awake at these words, because I know that Mike isn’t normally one to say such things. It’s thrilling and exciting and I’ve gone from being super horny to horny overdrive.

We twist me so that I’m lying across the bed, with my head just off the side. Mike has positioned himself above me, standing, so that he’s able to simply thrust himself into my open and willing mouth. From this angle his cock goes straight down my throat, and fills my up so completely that I’m unable to breath or gag or anything. I’m simply filled up, and there’s very little I can do except hold on as he starts thrusting.

It doesn’t hurt at all, the not being able to breath bit is a bit uncomfortable, but I get used to it very quickly. He stops occasionally and I’m able to take a few gasps. I enjoy doing it this way a lot, feeling how big he is in my mouth, being used for his pleasure. My secret submissive side is ecstatic right now.

After a short while, Mike lifts me back up on the bed. My head is spinning, and I’m grinning madly. I’m so wet, it’s a real relief when he pulls my panties off me. He climbs over on top of me and pushes his rock hard cock inside, making my cry out in surprise. He shushes me though, and I like that too.

One of his hands is holding onto my wrists, held above my head. His other hand is holding onto the headboard. With this position he is able to push into me roughly, moving my entire body and the bed. He feels so big inside, so hard, I’m helpless to really do anything. I want to cry out with pleasure, because it feels so amazing, but instead I bite my lip.

I’m completely overwhelmed by the satisfaction of having him inside me like this, I was so turned on from earlier that it doesn’t take long before I orgasm. I climax around him, my body twisting and shivering, my legs wrapping themselves around him. I cry out into his shoulder as the waves of sensation take over me.

Mike however continues on, as I shake under him, he keeps pumping into me, harder and faster. I feel like I’m unable to stop orgasming, because every time I come down a little bit, he plunges back in and rockets me back up. It’s not until he gives the final few, hard, short thrusts before exploding inside me, filling me up with his cum, that we’re both able to calm down.

We hold onto each other, our bodies shivering, sweating. Both of us are out of breath, still riding on our climax. It’s one of the best nights I’ve ever had, and all I wanted was to suck his dick. At some point, I fall asleep, this time well and truly spent, but still wrapped up in Mike’s arms.