After seeing so many cute felt creations on display at my local Japanese go-to store, I decided to finally buy a beginners pack and try out this “felting” stuff. It seemed like the easiest thing, poke something with a point metal stick until it looks like what you want it to. Today I tried felting for the first time and somehow managed to pull a cat out of the bag. 

My first ever business venture was at the age of 10 when I made cards at home and sold them at the local florist shop, the florist didn’t take a commission, but non of my cards really sold. That sense of defeat however left a strong impression on me and I never stepped into the “crafts” section of an arts and craft shop again.

This Christmas my little sister had taught herself how to knit and made my mum and I matching scarves. I decided that if my 12 year old sister could do that, so could I. After watching some youtube videos, I realised that knitting looked too confusing so I took a different craft that also uses wool.

Felting. Felting is great, you use felt ands sometimes wool, you roll them up into the shape you want, then you prod it with a point metal stick until it turns into the magical end product. I couldn’t believe I had never really heard of this before, and why more people don’t do it.

Well let’s just say, three hours later, I have a small cat like thing the side of a golf ball. Was it worth it? Yes. The cat is adorable. I don’t know what I’m going to do with it but I’m very proud. Was it really worth it? Honestly? The time it took was so long. 3 hours. I did it wrong, I poked myself several times, and I’m still pretty sure it doesn’t look like how it’s meant to, but I’d say it really was worth it.

I am very proud of the cat I made, and I’m looking forward to making more things in the future. I would certainly recommend a felting kit (you can buy them on etsy or amazon) for beginners, or as gifts for a friend who’s into making cute things. Or a friend who likes stabbing things!