So today I thought I would try and update my myfreecams profile and try my hand at some HTML coding. The reason for this is because for September on myfreecams I’m hoping to get everyone to build up some burgers for me, and I wanted to post the menu on my profile. It turns out however, that this isn’t that simple, or it is simple but I really suck at coding.

Firstly let’s talk about my burger challenge. This month, every tip you make to me on myfreecams either online or offline will take you one step further to building your very own Harriet Burger. All the fillings and drinks and sides have been put together in an extensive four page menu. At the end of the month, I’ll be doing a live cooking camshow where I cook a couple of the burgers, picked out by random, vote and also whichever I think sounds the most delicious. I’ll also be filming the cooking show and afterwards we’ll have a bit of a burger themed cumshow. Both these videos will be available exclusively on myfreecams, and if you’ve made a burger you instantly get them.

I came up with the idea when I realised I really love burgers, and it seemed to make sense to try making them at home. I wanted to include everyone in this and thought it would make a fun running theme. Of course tipping still gets you the same things as before, like dances and toplessness. There’s just now an added bonus! If you want to get started straight away and you have a myfreecams account, then just click here and order up your burger.

Onto the HTML part. I don’t understand a thing. I’ve read lots of different blogs today and probably stuck in about 6 hours of research and trial and error. Well it mostly came out as error. I thought I should start small.

  • Put menu images on myfreecams profile
  • Attempt HTML code for said images
  • HTML code doesn’t work

The hard part is the fact it looks so simple. Put the image on a server, check. Put the image in a <img> thingy with the source thingy, check. Put the code into the thingy, check. Yet nothing happens. I tried to see where I went wrong and I just can’t figure it out. I will simply have to try again tomorrow!

Until then I hope that everyone will be able to join me in my September Burger Challenge, and I can’t wait to eat these delicious creations.

  • Jack Jay

    Hi. If it’s any consolation I use HTML a bit but just tried to teach myself how to place an image using an online tutor. I followed the instructions but I did not get the image to appear. Wonder if the version of HTML the tutor is using is compatible with the software I am using. Maybe that is the problem you hit. Let us know if you solve the problem. I might learn something too. XX

    • This is a good Basic HTML walk through of how to add an image to a web page.
      Harriet was just adding quotes around heigh width= integers that broke the html formatting. I emailed her the correct formatting

      A good tool is in Google Chrome, highlight the piece of web page you want to see how done, then right click and go to “Inspect Element” From the section that opens you can play around with its CSS, HTML ect and/or copy source code to use as example formatting. Can also use this tool to see slow loading elements on a page to try and identify why they are slow loading (internal vs external) resources

      Another good extension/plugin is Web Developer, lets you see all page elements in a breakdown chart, .

      • Jack Jay

        Thanks Steve. I was using htmlgoodies but I never got the image to appear. The website I was posting on does some strange things with what I post. Recently it has been autocompleting what I am doing and altering what I put up. I get the impression someone has been messing around with the HTML editor and has been too clever by half. It also has a WYSIWYG editor which I find unusable. Net result – I can put up some text but not much else. More recently I have been putting stuff up on a site that uses WML which I am used to.
        I will take a look at your other suggestions to see if I’m missing something.

        • Jack Jay

          Just to let you know I succeeded in getting an image up, but only with a different style of syntax. I think I know where I am going with this now.