Last night I was starting to feel a little run down. At 2 in the morning most places in London are closed, leaving you with options such as kebabs and whatever is left at the petrol station. Then, like a shining beacon on Brick Lane, comes the oven fresh bagels from Beigel Bake. Open 24hours a day, this place has been a favourite to everyone, from clubbers to taxi drivers to your mom. 

Biegel Bake bagel salt beef

Despite having walked past the Beigel Bake often in the past, I’ve always been put off by the long line. I know that should have been an obvious sign of the quality of the bagel, but let’s be honest, who wants to wait 15 minutes for a £3.50 bagel? Plus, Brick Lane is a wealth of food and I was always so easily distracted.

Now London has a new delivery service on the scene, Feast London, who deliver between the hours of 11pm and 5am. Perfect for late night owls such as camgirls like me. It was last night after I realised I hadn’t eaten anything for about 12 hours, did I realise most places had closed. I checked Feast London’s website not expecting much, but there it was, £3.50 bagels delivered to my doorstep for only £2.50 delivery charge. It sounds like a lot, when you compare to how much the bagel costs, but it’s actually less than the bus fair to the bagel shop there and back for me.

I know that the salt beef is the famous one. Apparently just like New York. It also comes with a pickle and mustard, so really there was no contest. However I felt my heartstrings pull towards the smoke salmon and creme cheese. In the end I ordered both and also a doughnut for good measure. Then there was nothing left to do but wait.

The delivery came super fast. Amazingly so in fact, considering how the delivery guy was on a peddle bike. The food was still warm and smelled like freshly baked bread. Honestly, I was super impressed with the service by Feast London and I now weep for my waistline knowing late night food is only a few easy clicks away. I would highly recommend it to any other late night owls in the London area.

The bagels were amazing. Honestly amazing. I’ve always been a big bagel fan, but I felt like I was finally eating a proper one. The bread alone was delicious and I could have eaten 10 plain bagel buns. What’s amazing about Beigel Bake is that because they are open 24/7 they are constantly baking, meaning their bread is always super fresh. That kind of standard is hard to come by.

The smoke salmon and cheese was exactly what I wanted, although could have done with a squeeze of lemon juice. The salt beef however, that was probably the winner. If I had been in a salt beef mood, I’d probably say I died and went to heaven. The meat serving is large and generous, so much so I had to pull some beef out because the bagel was so big I couldn’t fit it into my mouth. They slaver a good amount of mustard and cram a bunch of pickles in.

Is this the best bagel in London? Possibly not. However the quality and quantity of the ingredients really blew me away. There’s also some major brownie points for being open all the time, and with the new accessibility from late night delivery guy, it’s taken the #1 spot for me. I think burgers are going to have to watch out, bagels are making a play for that special spot in Harriet’s heart!