This sex in the news does have more articles, but for some reason everyone’s writing articles with super long headlines and I can’t fit it into the title!


The Chinese city where men have ‘three girlfriends because there are so many women’

I think a lot of men are going to move to this city now. But seriously, doesn’t China have a problem with not having enough women? It seems pretty unfair then for these men to hog 3 girls, when there are those around the country who have to import brides. Still, if you’re able to get three girlfriends and everyone is happy, I guess all is fair in love?

52-Year-Old Mexican Man Can’t Find a Job, Have a Relationship or Go to Church Because of His 19-Inch Penis

big dick picture xray vision

Size does matter, having a 19 in penis is a real problem and everyone should be thankful they don’t have one! Not being able sleep with anyone because you’d physically hurt them and they’re scared of you sounds like one of the worst things that could happen. As for the church part, I’m still wrapping my head around the fact he can’t kneel because his penis gets in the way. The scariest part? The girth. 9 inches. His girth is bigger than the average penis length. How does… that.. just.. wow. I feel sorry for him, but I also kinda fear him, that picture above is of his penis, not his leg.

Nonsexual cuddle parties catching on in Utah

Hopefully he would be able to go to some nonsexual cuddle parties instead. I like the idea of this, because there has always been times when you need a hug. But also sometimes it’s nice to just have a cuddle, just for the sake of cuddling. Human contact is important and I can completely see the therapeutic side of this!

Pornhub offers $25,000 scholarship to student who makes video showing how they would ‘make others happy’

And finally, it’s almost back to school time and with the increase in tuition fees Pornhub has offered a new kind of scholarship! I wouldn’t take it though, because I don’t think any university would be approving, you’d get outcasted and $25,000 really isn’t enough to pay tuition fees. It’s a fun idea which I guess they thought up of after the huge success story of Bella Knox.