As I type this AlohaAli from MyFreeCams is currently sitting in the top 10 in the MissMyFreeCams contest and it’s easy to see why. She’s an adorably hot blonde with an exotic look and sparkling personality. The girl is addictive. When I first saw her show I didn’t leave her room til she did. And then I bought most of her videos!

    AlohaAli joined MyFreeCams almost as soon as she turned 18. One of her friends told her about it and she jumped in without thinking. She’s a self confessed adrenaline junkie and definitely a free spirit. She just goes where the wind takes her and lives life to the fullest.

    AlohaAli lives in Austen, Texas but is originally from Hawaii. Her background is Hawaiian, Chinese, Japanese, Irish and German. It’s like she’s got the best bits from all over the world and that explains her beautifully exotic look.

    She’s extremely well travelled. It seems she’s always travelling. She’s already visited 48 US states and lived in many different places like Puerto Rico, Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Shanghai and more. And when she’s not travelling you can find her jumping out a plane or running down the street naked until the police tell her to get her perfect, pert ass back indoors!

    Cam shows

    When you drop in to AlohaAli‘s cam-room you’ll immediately feel comfortable. The music is upbeat and lively but the room is relaxed. AlohaAli has a sweet, very feminine voice and way of speaking. She puts everyone at ease. She’s friendly, easy to talk to and has an infectious laugh.

    AlohaAli from MyFreeCamsShe seems to remember everyone that comes into the room for a second time. You can tell she really cares about the people in her room. Even if she didn’t talk much it would still be a great room. Personally I find it’s rare for a girl to look hotter as she removes more and more clothes. But AlohaAli’s body is better than you imagine. I could watch her writhe around the room for hours. She dances well and really knows how to move her body.

    In her room you will find the usual mix of countdowns, snapchat and videos for sale. And her best shows tend to be shower shows and cum shows. Believe me, they’re worth hanging around for. She also has less usual things available. Right now you could win an Xbox One in a raffle, buy her panties, have her bake you some homemade cookies or even have her send you a film full of photos to develop at home.

    The only slight criticism I have of her cam show’s is that sometimes the music is a little too loud and it’s difficult to hear what she’s saying. But I really am nit-picking here. AlohaAli‘s shows are not to be missed.

    AlohaAli from MyFreeCams Videos

    I love camgirls that sell videos. When you really like a camgirl you can’t get enough of them and if you’re like me and live in a different timezone to most of your favourite camgirls then their videos give you a fix when you can’t stay up late.

    Cam girl videos also show us a different side to cam-girls. They seem more intimate than mainstream porn but much more sexual than a typical cam-show. And here AlohaAli‘s videos don’t disappoint. It’s so good to see her perfect body and achingly seductive sex-face in full HD.

    AlohaAli sells her videos via tokens on MyFreeCams or you can also purchase them more directly via her ManyVids store.

    Currently nearly all of AlohaAli‘s videos are solo clips of her masturbating with or without various sex-toys. But don’t let this put you off. She’s really good at holding her body, capturing great angles and she has toys that are really good at simulating sex. Her symbion video is also a personal favourite of mine. I really have to try one of those one day. Though I’m not sure I could handle it!

    What’s really exciting is that AlohaAli now also has a girl-girl video available. She shot it with MiladyCove, also from MyFreeCams. I have not seen this yet but I will make sure I buy it next time I top up my tokens. MiladyCove also looks incredible and AlohaAli is genuinely bisexual so I’m sure this video will totally rock.

    Hopefully we will see more girl-girl videos from AlohaAli and if we’re really lucky maybe she will take things even further one day.


    It’s so easy to keep up with everything happening in AlohaAli’s world. She has an extensive presence on the web beyond her ManyVids and MyFreeCams pages already mentioned. The first place you should check is her website here.

    On AlohaAli’s site you will find some of her hottest photos, details of everything happening on MFC and ManyVids, her personal blog and her store.

    In her store you can even buy AlohaAli mugs, posters and magnets. Definitely something for the most dedicated fans.

    The only disappointment is that her blog hasn’t really been started. Currently there is only one post. Hopefully this will change in the future as AlohaAli has such an action packed life I’d love her to share more details of it here.

    Finally, AlohaAli is very active on Instagram and Twitter. I highly recommend following her on both as you will receive an almost constant flow of unbelievably hot photos. Like everything else AlohaAli publishes, they’re guaranteed to put you in a good mood so make sure you check out this awesome girl right now.