Red is the word of the day and today I fell in love with a German redhead called Anny Aurora. She’s a camgirl-turned-pornstar and she’s taking the world by storm, already travelling and in high demand by everyone. She’s very active on Twitter and with a little help from google translate I’ve been having fun finding all about her today.

Anny Aurora large photo white washed angel

Anny Aurora has been selling videos on MyDirtyHobby and from there went on to start her very own website website and also start camming. That scenario sounds awfully familiar doesn’t it? I love that we’re basically sisters-from-another-mister. Especially now that I’ve also got red hair.

I love Anny Aurora’s look. Everything from her large doe eyes, that make her face look so innocent, to her luscious full lips which ooze sexuality. There is also something very exciting about her fiery red hair which stands out so much. She also has a super fit body which is a beautiful contrasting pale colour. She conjures up images of fire nymphs from fantasy lore.

Anny Aurora however isn’t a fantasy, she’s an amazing real life girl and anyone can get the opportunity to meet her. If you join her website you have the chance to make videos with her as she picks people to shoot with from raffles.

The videos from those meetings are very hot and it’s something I never would have thought of. I have to join, just to put myself in the running! I’ve been dreaming of winning all day.

I love how open and free she is with her sexuality and how she loves sharing it with everybody.

ThAnny Aurora looking super cute with cat make up onis girl is also a travel bird. Since starting out on the road of being a pornstar she’s gone everywhere from the relatively close city of Berlin to the party capitol of Ibiza, working with both guys and girls. Rumour has it she’s going to visit America soon and I’m very excited at the image of her working with some of my favourite US pornstars. A girl can dream right?

I love following her on twitter because she shares lots of aspects of her life. Everything from her travels and holidays, with sexy bikini pictures, to behind the scenes images of her on set with her hair up and make-up on. It feels like you really get to know her, and she’s sharing the secrets of her life with you. Of course, I also love the sexy nude shots she occasionally teases us with.

You can follow her on twitter here, and you can also read her blog and see her videos on her website which are here. She still cams as well, so be sure to catch her when she’s online.