If you’re interested in anime, manga and yes, hentai, then I’m sure you’ve at some point come across Monster girls. As Halloween is fast approaching I thought I would give you guys my list of Top 10 Monster Girls which I spent a lot of time researching over at Monster Girl Encyclopaedia.  I love how extensive the Monster Girl world is, and just how many monsters there are. I also remember playing a great free monster girl dating-sim style game before, which is probably where my love of monster girls stems from.


#10  Crow Tengu

  • The crow TenguThere are several reasons why the Crow Tengus is on my list. Firstly, because I’ve really enjoyed reading a lot of manga that involve Japanese folklore, and the Tengu race often make an appearance. What I’ve noticed however is that they are nearly always men, and I found it refreshing to see a female Tengu. I do love their rich history as well, and the Tengu are certainly something I would recommend you look up if you’re interested in monster folklore. I will also admit I was partly swayed by the fact Aya Shameimaru, a character from the Touhou universe is also a Crow Tengu.

#9 Anubis

  • Anubis monster girlI added Anubis onto this list because, if you haven’t realised, I’m a big fan of myth and monsters. When I was growing up I also went through a phase of being fascinated by Ancient Egypt, often watching documentaries or reading books on it. I love this inclusion of some Egyptian myth and I think Anubis look super cute with their giant paws. I love the character design of their costume and I would be very happy to have my own Anubis protecting me.

#8 Shirohebi 

  • Shirohebi white snake girlNow this one might surprise some of you, if you know what a giant phobia of snakes I have. I did have to really think about whether or not I wanted to include a lamia onto my list. However I decided finally that although snakes are terrifying, lamias might not be so bad. The fact these girls are fictional also help. There is a strange beauty to their half human, half snake form though, and I know that lamias are loved by many. I picked the Shirhebi because of her docile nature, I think if I were to meet a snake girl of any kind, a gentle one that works in a shrine is probably the best I could ask for.

#7 Lilarauna 

  • liliraune twin plant girlsThere was a toss up for me between slime girls or plant girls. I know that slime girls have a huge fan following, and I can understand why. However when it came down to it, I found plant girls more attractive. Plus I really love receiving flowers. So if I’m going to have a plant girl, why not two? Lilarauna are basically your twin fantasy, but in a super sexy monster girl form.

#6 Unicorn

  • Unicorn monster girl brideThe Unicorn is probably one of the sweetest stories I’ve read on the Monster Girl Encyclopaedia. I love the fact that they were patiently waiting for their one true love to marry and love. It’s also very refreshing considering how every other monster girl seems to be driven crazy by lust and tries to sleep with any man available (not that that’s a problem!) There are however Bicorns who are Unicorns that have had their magic corrupted because of the man they slept with, who are more tragic but also kinda hot in their own dark way.

#5 Mermaid

  • Mermaid blue large breastsI have been fascinated with mermaids for as long as I can remember. I love looking and pictures and drawings of them, and I often use those as my wallpaper. I’m not sure what it is about them, but they’ve always been beautiful to me. For that reason, they simply had to go on my list. I hope one day that there’ll be a really good movie made about mermaids, and I hope they look like the mermaids that had an appearance in Pirates of the Caribbean, because those girls were ridiculously hot.

#4 Mothman

  • Mothman monster girl purple with wingsJust look at how cute she is. Everything about her is adorable. From her wings to her clothes to her hair to her antennae thing. I just want to cuddle her a lot. I have however read a hentai manga about a mothman and she seemed a little bit scary. I don’t think most are, since they’re meant to be simple creatures. If I had a limited number for a monster girl harem, I know mothman would make the final cut, no questions asked.

#3 Hinezume 

  • Hinezumi super cute mouse girlI wanted something that had the element of fire. This is for various reasons, such as the fact I get really cold at night and I bet a fire element would be able to keep me warm. I have also loved playing with fire since a little kid, my parents often reminded me about the time they found me in the wardrobe with a lit candle, because I knew being in a dark place would make the flame better. I’m surprised I haven’t set the house on fire before to be honest. Now the Hinezume is amazing, because look at her giant mouse ears. And her Chinese dress. Everything about this character design is perfect.

#2 Arachne

  • Arachne spider girl huge breastsArachne I think have a fanbase that are equal to lamias. I don’t know what it is about people that make them love their fears, because we all know how many people are scared of spiders. I think there’s a weird fascination, for instance, I’m not a big fan of spiders, and even looking at spider girls, I think, wow, that spider body is pretty scary if you think about it. However when coupled with the top half of a very attractive girl, it because something very exciting to look at. There’s so much fan art out there as well, and I think it’s a combination of how widely available fan art and hentai is that has ranked the arachne on my #2, although I would certainly think twice about keeping on as a girlfriend.

#1 Weresheep

  • Weresheep super adorable monster girl with woolEven cuter than the Mothman, I think I must just have a thing for very fluffy creatures. I love her horns and her wool and how she’s always sleepy. I think that if I were to ever be a monster girl, I would want to be a weresheep and spend all my time napping or having sex, then napping, then waking up and having more sex. It really sounds like the perfect life. Maybe I should look into cosplaying this?

There you have it, my Top 10 Monster Girl types. Do you agree with me, or do you have your own top 10? Do you think I should cosplay any of these characters? Finally, if you ever come across monster girl hentai, link me! It’s probably one of my favourite genres of hentai…