PornstarsPlayGames is a new feature I’m trying on my site. I’m finally putting twitter to good use and meeting my favourite pornstars to. . . play board games.

La Oca, El Gran Juego de la oca or the Game of the Goose, is a classic board game from Spain. It’s played in various forms in several European countries and like most very old games, it’s origins are uncertain.

I played this game with Spanish pornstar Jimena Lago. It’s a game she played with her sister as a child. Her eyes lit up when she saw I brought it for her.

You can find out more about the amazing pornstar Jimena Lago on her website and on twitter.

And you can buy La Oca in many different classic and new guises on site’s like eBay with most products seem to be in Spain and Mexico.

Music credit: BoxCat Games