Beauty Vlogger Tracy Kiss says that “Sperm Facial” are the key to her beautiful skin


I’ve heard this before. Most of the time it’s been from men who have wanted to cum on my face. I’m not against facials at all, in fact, you can see a few in my videos. What you don’t see however is me rubbing it into my face and leaving it on afterwards for 15 minutes. I think there are a few people who legitimately do this as a skin routine, and I want to ask them, have you not heard of Japanese or Korean skincare?! You’d get more moisture, more “protein” as you’d call it, and less chance of STDs or breakouts.

Condom shares fall after China abandons one-child policy

I find this image really funny. In my head, the Chinese government make a statement about how everyone is now allowed two children, and every adult in the street or at work or whatever just drops their thing, runs home to their partner and start to furiously have sex. Then I imagine just one lonely shop keeper at the condom store waiting around, wondering where everyone has gone. Obviously it’s not like that, but it is amazing how big an impact China has on world economics. The New Zealand Dollar went up by 30p because of milk stocks!

Man in Japan hides in drain to look up women’s skirts; wants to be reborn as pavement

I love how this man’s plan went perfectly find until his hair stuck out of the grate. Like, someone saw a bit of black grass coming out the drain, went to look and there’s just a guy there. Also I’ve never really understood the upskirt fetish. I mean, a woman with a short skirt walking up some stairs, a peek of her panties? Yeah, I’m down with that. But surely if you’re directly under them, you’re mostly just going to see thigh? Maybe thighs are his thing. I might have to do some more google imaging research… Either way, I think someone should tell him that’s now how reincarnation works!

‘I dough’: Russian man marries PIZZA in bizarre wedding

Finally to end of a good piece…of pizza! You have to admit, this guy’s reasons for marrying pizza is perfectly justifiable. Pizza has always been reliable, delicious and only occasionally arriving late. That being said, my pizza experiences have always been more of a one-night-stand affair, occasionally letting them join me for breakfast. I wonder how he feels about her ageing? Also what happens when she catches him with her sister?