I wanted to write a post to explain to everyone why I have been so inactive this past week. Firstly it is of course the holidays, but second and more importantly my family and I have been dealing with the flooding in York. 

Flooding over Foss bridge in york

My hometown is the beautiful city of York, in the North of England. It’s well known for Vikings, Romans and the big church in the city centre. Most recently it’s getting known by everyone on national television as “core blimey that place sure is flooded!”

The Prime Minister David Cameron even made a trip to York this week to look at the city-turned-lake.  York is known to flood almost yearly, being built on two inter joining rivers. We have fairly good flood defences. The rain this year however came down worse than it has in over 15 years and caught unawares by the unusually large quantity we were caught out.

I want to say first the flooding hasn’t swept away homes or risen high enough to need a boat to get across. You do need to wear wellies and many basements and ground floors were flooded and many families were evacuated however.

The real problem for our family is our electricity which powers the lights and heating went down due to the flooding of the thingy where the electricity comes from (I don’t know the technical terms). Although it’s a mild winter this year, it’s never nice to have no heating in December.

Our next problem was the phone lines going down and when put back up was majorly backed. This obviously affected our internet, which I assure you, is every milleniels living nightmare.

We spent time moving everything from our basement upstairs as we watched the park in front of our house turn into a lake and we all went to bed wearing Longjohns and jumpers for a night. The power/heating problem fixed itself fairly quickly when teams of men with vans came to the electricity box thingy to keep manually pumping the water out

The water is now receding however and today we could walk out our house without wellies and even make it to the footpath which is now visible again. The weather forcast however looks bad for this coming week and everyone is still on guard.

So that’s a quick update from me, I’m sorry for bad grammar and spelling; I’ve had to write this all on my phone as our internet is still down. I will get a video blog to update as soon as possible.