After a week away from home to be at the AVNs in Vegas, I am feeling very tired and jet lagged. My room is a mess and there is nothing I want more than to sleep for a few days. Well, maybe there is one thing I want more, which is exactly why I asked my friend Mike to come over, he always gives me such hot, passionate sex.

I have a final sweep of my bedroom. It’s not as tidy as I would like, but all my dirty clothes are in the laundry now and I emptied the bin. I put on my scented candle and the room is slowly infused with the sweet aroma of vanilla, my favourite. I put on a pair of panties and a black jumper, not bothering with a bra because they’re both going to be taken off fairly soon anyway.

The doorbell rings, and I’m a little surprised since it’s so loud. It rings for a second time and I scramble off the bed to answer the door. I never know how I’m going to act when I open the door, and after only a week away it feels silly to be nervous. I immediately blush however when I see Mike standing outside, as handsome and somewhat nonchalant as always.

The first thing I do is kiss him. I want to kiss him so badly i don’t even bother waiting for him come inside properly and kiss him openly in the corridor. I am overwhelmed by lust and a pent up sexual frustration I had been gathering all week. It’s hard to be as a sex convention for 4 days straight and not get a little horny after all. I kiss him and I take his head in my hands, pulling him closer to me. I need the space between us to close and I need to feel his lips on mine.

I think we are both a little shocked and surprised by the burst of passion and need. We quickly move to the bedroom, switching off the lights so there is only the glow of my candle. It makes it look a little less messy. I climb onto the bed and watch mesmerised as Mike starts to take off his clothes. He comes over and climbs on next to me. I lie back and watch as he peels my panties down my legs, and I pull my jumper so that we are both completely naked.

We continue kissing each other as our hands touch and revisit each other’s bodies. I press my fingers against the lines of his shoulders, across his chest and down his back. I love the musky man smell of his skin, breathing it in as I kiss down his neck. His hands feel cool against me, as he pulls me closer into him, our naked bodies meshing against each other.  He cups my breasts and teases my nipples between his index finger and thumb. I bite his shoulder lightly before going back and kissing his face.

I watch as his head dips and he takes one breast into his mouth, suckling lightly before moving over and switching to the other breast. As my nipples leave his mouth, they peak up, straining for more attention. I can’t tell if it’s the wanting or the cool air making them so rigid. He continues going between my breasts to kissing my lips and back again, all the while his hands continue to roam over my body.

He cups my buttocks and pulls me even closer to him and I can feel the heat of his erection pressing against my stomach. I wrap my leg over his waist, our bodies moulding together perfectly. I wrap my arms around his neck and for a while I savour the feeling of being in his arms and his heat.

The desire is overwhelming however and I breath a sigh of relief as he sits up and over me. He takes his cock and slowly rubs it against me. I’m already so wet, so wanting. He rubs it up and down a few times, pushing in a little over my clitoris. I hate it when he teases me like this, and small moans of begging escape my mouth. My hand presses against the back of his neck, bringing his face down to me so I can kiss him passionately, trying to convey my feelings of desire.

He willingly obliges and I feel him push against my entrance, once, twice and finally plunges his full size into me. The feeling of being filled up is momentarily overwhelming, and I cry out in ecstasy. A small thought of thanks crosses my mind as I remember my housemate isn’t home today, there is nothing I like more than knowing I don’t have to hold my moans in.

With that, I start to openly enjoy the feeling of him inside me, crying out happily as he starts thrusting himself in and out. My hands are clenched into firsts on the bedsheets as my body is rocked back and forth. He places a hand under my body for leverage and I gasp as he takes a single thrust even deeper inside me. His cock is hot and hard and I’m loving every inch as it drives into me.

I can barely catch my breath as he lifts my legs up and place them on his shoulders, tilting our positions. I see him look down and smile at me mischievously. I both love and hate this position. I love it because it feels so good. He is able to get his cock so deep inside me this way that I feel sometimes I might go crazy. The feeling is so intense it nearly always makes me cum immediately and I hate that I’m unable to control my body as it starts to erupt in waves of pleasure.

I cover my eyes with my hands, too embarrassed by my own overly-sensitive body which is now betraying me in front of him by spasming with content, contracting around his cock and generally flushed and sweating. I can hear him chuckle a little and he lets my legs come back down and slows down for me to recompose myself.

The short break doesn’t last long however, as we lie now spooning position. My body is concaved against his, and he slides his cock into me effortless. I bury my face in the pillow, my fingers holding onto his as he fucks me hard and fast from behind. I push my buttocks back onto his, trying to match his rhythm, trying to feel as much of him as possible. I grind down, unable to control my own body as I feel the eruption of a second orgasm.

It’s with a final four thrusts that I feel his body explode inside myself. I can feel his cock pulsating as he cums inside me, and my own body tightens around him as I feel his sperm filling me up. I’m still overcome with waves of sensation, my body quivering against his as we both lie together, his cock still buried in me, our fingers entwine. We stay like this for a while, only turning a little so that I can give him a quick kiss of thanks, because I love this kind of hot, passionate sex.