The AVNs are just over a week away and I have to say I’m mega excited. I’ve been looking over all the award categories and everyone nominated this year and picked my top 5 AVN Award Nominees – although it was really hard as there were several categories where I wanted more than one nominee to win.

Harriet and Skin Diamond at the AVN awards

  • Tiffany Doll – Best Foreign Actress/ Best Sex Scene in a Foreign Production : I got the absolute pleasure of working with Tiffany Doll last year and from the first hand experience I know she more than deserves the nomination, and double sure she deserves to win. Tiffany Doll is not only beautiful and exotic (that slight french accent anyone?) she’s a delight to work with. Always professional but caring and compassionate, even for me when I get nervous. I really hope that I get the chance to do more work with her in the future, as she’s such a fantastic person to be with.
  • Asa Akira – Best Actress/ Best Director Non Feature/ Best Double Penetration Film/ Best Girl/Girl Sex Scene/ Best Oral Sex Scene/ Best Solo Tease Performance / Best Star Showcase/ Mainstream Star of the Year/ : Asa Akira was, is and probably will always be my idol in the adult industry. Originally it was because I connected with her from an ethnic perspective, when you’re part of a niche it’s good to have someone to look to as an example. However it’s more than just that now. Just by following Asa Akira’s work I can tell how much effort and time she puts into her job. It’s a real passion for her and it shows in her work. I’ve read interviews and even met her myself, and she’s such a well grounded person who’s drive and motivation, well, gives me drive and motivation. I hope that I will always have as much fun as she does doing what she loves. You can watch my interview with her here.
  • Lily Cade – All Girl Performer of the Year/ Best All Girl Group Sex Scene / Best Director Parody / Best Screenplay Parody : I met Lily Cade last year in possibly the worst way. I was in the bathroom of a hotel room changing my clothes and she came in with a personal crisis before heading to the red carpet. I think the thing that struck me was that I met her in such a personal situation, and it really touched my heart. I tried my best to help her, and then I watched her do the most professional thing and walk on that red carpet like she was queen of the world. It took my breath away. She’s the  girl when it comes to lesbian pornography, and she has this beautiful balance of power and control as well as kindness and caring. I would fully consider becoming full lesbian if she asked.
  • Valentina Nappi – Best Double Penetration Sex Scene/ Best 3-Way Sex Scene GGB/ Best 3-Way Sex Scene BBG/ Best Group Sex Scene : I have a trade secret to tell you guys. Whenever I’m about to do a blowjob scene, I try and watch Valentina Nappi. She’s my oral oracle. All my best moves I’ve learnt from her. Actually, I learnt a lot of sex things from her. I find her the most bewitching to watch. She has so much on-camera charisma and a certain way of smiling that just melts my panties. Valentina Nappi videos are basically want I want to achieve in the future, she’s my goal. I’ve not met her before, but I’m hoping that I will get the chance soon. I want to thank her for teaching me some of the best moves I know.
  • Skin Diamond – Best All Girl Sex Scene/ Best Girl Girl Sex Scene/ Best Group Sex Scene/ Best Supporting Actress/ Best 3-way Sex Scene GGB/ : I first found out about Skin Diamond a few years ago because one of my best friends’ is in love with her. He would talk about her with so much admiration that I had to find out about this woman. Skin Diamond is intoxicating. She’s alluring and honestly, she reminds me of Poison Ivy despite the fact she’s not a redhead. She’s also amazingly adorable. Her giggle is one of the cutest I’ve ever witnessed. On top of all that, she’s also super kinky, doing lots of fetish stuffs. I don’t know why, but when someone who is so cute and adorable in real life picks up a riding crop and some bondage rope, I get the tingles in a silly place. I love watching Skin Diamond and I loved meeting her even more.