Happy New Years everyone! This year, I’ve really struggled to come up with new years resolutions. I think they’re fun, and I never seem to do them properly, but I thought this year I could mix it up by setting some dating goals. So here are my 2016 New Years dating resolutions!

New Years dating resolutions with harriet sugarcookie in full gear

  1. Talk to new people – I’ve told you guys before, but off cam I can be pretty shy and introverted. So that’s why this year I’m going to challenge myself to try and talk to new people. Before you can go on dates, you need to find people to go on dates with. A good way of doing that is to just take the initiative and talk to people. I’m setting myself the goal of talking to one new person a month, whether that’s in a bar or a bookshop. I will also try and get their number and set up a date, but baby steps first!
  2. Initiate dates – I think in general it’s always the guys that ask the girls out. I’ve had plenty of female friends tell me that they would ask a guy out, but be worried about coming across as too aggressive. I’ve had the same fears myself. Being introverted also makes it a little harder for me. I think however that more girls should just act when they like someone. So following the theme of gaining courage to talk to more people in general, I’m also going to try and ask people on dates when I really want to go on a date with them, and not just hope my subtle signals of flirtation are getting across. Sure, I might get rejected, but that’s ok. I think if you don’t do something because you’re afraid of rejection, you’ll end up missing out in life.
  3. Improve my style  I will be the first to admit I’m not super fashionable. I can’t match colours or patterns and I think my “outfits” always clash because I don’t have a good eye for these things. What you wear and how you groom yourself (hair, skincare) goes a long way into being more attractive to the other sex. That’s why this year I want to work harder on my style. I might start buying some fashion magazines and creating inspiration boards of outfits and looks I like. It’s not going to be a huge make-over, but rather conscious, continuous self improvement throughout the year.
  4. Exercise more – This is important for both health and looks. I know that this past year I’ve really dropped the ball one exercise, and my bathroom scales confirm it. I’ve already told you guys I plan on joining a local volleyball team. Joining a sports team can be a fun way to get exercise into your life without feeling you have to be at a gym. I find plain running really boring and un-motivational, so having a team sports is a better fit for my personality. It’ll also help me meet new people and make more friends. I also want to try out archery, being inspired by The Hunger Games and watching Arrow – it looks like a fun sport! Basically, I’m going to try out lots of new things this year in the realm of health and exercise.
  5. Try out kinkier things – After reading up on how to properly spank, I’ve been really intrigued at looking into some kinkier things to do. I don’t think I’m ready for full blown BDSM, hanging from the ceiling in Japanese bondage ropes, but I do like the sound of lots of other things. For instance, I think it would be quite exciting to be tied to the bedpost, or have a blindfold on during sex. There is also of course my bucket list, including having sex in a car. I think this counts as kink because you’re kind of doing it in public. For the new years, it’s always good to have a couple of “new things” to do on your resolutions list, and I’m sure this particular one will keep growing throughout the year as I discover new and interesting sex things to try out.