I was browsing Tumblr today and “10 Random Facts about me” have been sort of popular (I think, I don’t really understand Tumblr) and I thought it would be really fun to try it out. I don’t know how random the facts are supposed to be but I’m giving it a shot. 

Harriet selfie in the sun

  1. When I was 10 I convinced my friends at school I was a witch. They told me to prove it and I said I would curse this girl we didn’t like to fall out with her friends. About 5 minutes later, she really did fall out with her friends. The lie got out of hand eventually I was sent to see the Headmistress who told me off.
  2. I once at a snake’s heart thinking it was fish. My mum had taken me to a snake restaurant, and I have no idea why because I’m terrified of snakes. All the rooms had jars of snakes, and glass tanks with snakes and outside where cages filled with snakes. I was so scared they staff had to cover the private room we were in with table cloths so that I couldn’t see the snakes in the jars. I guess they only served snake-related items on the menu, and because I refused to eat anything, my mum pointed to a dish and told me it was fish.
  3. I like to drink chocolate milk. Specifically this one brand you can find in Vietnam that’s called Dutch Lady or something. It’s something I remember from my childhood and I guess there’s the nostalgia factor. Whenever I come back to Vietnam I’m always drinking it since I don’t really get a chance to any other time. My family think I’m really weird, and have an obsession with chocolate milk. They keep buying me random chocolate milk, especially this one brand which also has soy bean in it and tastes weird. I hate the taste but I’ll drink it because my family bought it for me.
  4. When I’m really sad I read depressing books and sometimes horror. I’m terrible with horror, I can’t even watch parody horror films without getting scared. When I’m really sad, like post-breakup, I find reading scary or sad stories (or both) really helps me feel better. I guess it works out like “Welp, at least I didn’t get eaten by this super scary monster!” – however I’ll be super scared for the rest of the week or even two, and I can’t sleep without the covers completely covering me. This sucks because I like to stick my feet out at night.
  5. I often have very elaborate dreams. It’s not ludic dreaming however, as I have never realised myself when I’m dreaming. For instance, one dream I had was about vampires vs vampire hunters. The vampires all fought using guns and the vampire hunters fought using swords. Now there were two tier of vampires, nobles who could turn humans into vampires, and henchmen who are humans that have been turned into vampires. To kill a noble vampire, the hunters had to use a very specific sword that glowed gold. The twist was that the sword would only glow gold if weilder didn’t want to kill. Weird rule. Anyway, so to get past this rule, the hunters gave birth to a child and let it grow up with a vampire family that had defected. The child learnt to both love and empathise with vampires, therefore unable to hold real bloodlust against them. The hunters then set a trap so that the vampire family is killed by a noble vampire, and the child then goes to avenge them using the sword. That’s when I woke up – I don’t know who ends up winning.
  6. I think parkour/ free running is really cool. In my head, it’s something I would love to be awesome at. However I’m too scared to do it. I have lowsy stamina, terrible balance and I’m scared of grazing my knees. I know all these things can be over-come but I don’t think I’ll ever take the plunge. I am however currently learning to dance a bit better, but I apparently also have terrible co-ordination. My current aim is to at least be able to do the shuffle.
  7. My stepdad made my first email address which was with yahoo.com – He used my vietnamese name but spelt it wrong. For the password, we used the name of my favourite Teddy Bear which was called BooBoo. BooBoo was pretty special because when I was a child I very rarely played with toys. I just could never see them as anything other than objects, and was unable to really use them. BooBoo however was my friend and I would carry him around with me everywhere, despite him being really big. He had a blue tongue because I fed him my slush puppy once and the colour never came out. I took him into the bath with me once and it took over three days for him to dry out.
  8. When I was young I saw a car turn over onto it’s side. It was a silver jeep type deal, big car driven by a soccermum type person. The fire department came to get the woman out the car. I had nightmares for a long time of the car spinning around and around. I would try and make the car stop spinning but it would end up spinning in the opposite direction.
  9. When I read books or anything, I only hear things in my own voice. I thought this was normal, but people tell me that when they read different characters they hear them with different voices, for instance a female character vs a male character. I also can’t hear voices in my head of anyone real, such as Morgan Freeman. I know what his voice sounds like, but I can’t just imagine it and repeat things in my head in that voice.
  10. I love to read books, and I find it very hard to not finish a book in one sitting. I just get too sucked into it. I want to know the ending. Obviously sometimes I have no choice, because the book is too long. When I was in primary school we had a small library and I used to take a new book out everyday. The librarian didn’t believe that I was actually reading the book, and instead was doing something mischievous. She started quizzing me on the books I read and was really amazed at the fact I was reading them so quickly. She thought I was really smart and did a reading/vocabulary test on me. This is where you’re asked to read out a list of words and define them. Apparently it was really funny that I knew a lot of words, but mispronounced more than half of any vaguely long ones. Reading normal books doesn’t teach you how to pronounce things, and even now I know I pronounce a lot of things wrong. I know “elite” is pronounced “Elit” but I can’t help saying “e lite” – and I honestly don’t know how to properly say the word “Butcher”.