It’s that time of year again, when super organised people start planning their summer holidays. Or, if you’re not a super organised person, just a good time to look at weekend break ideas to help cheer you up from the drab winter weather.

Country Escape – I think of of the easiest and best romantic weekend break ideas involve the countryside. Almost every country has one, to varying degrees of beautiful and you can make it suit whatever type of person you and your partner are. For instance, some people will love camping whilst other’s might prefer “glamping”. I’ve even passed a boutique hotel in the middle of the Yorkshire Dales. The trip itself can involve walking, or fishing or just sitting around making s’mores.

Mountain Hiking – I felt the need to distinguish the difference between a country escape and a mountain hike trip, because I fall into the category of “sitting around making s’mores” whilst mounting hiking is a real, active and tough adventure. I have a friend who frequently climbs as many mountains as he can with his wife on their weekends however and they love it so much they even bought their baby along a month after he was born. You can pick easier hikes, and the views are always important.

Paris – If you live in England it’s very easy to get the EuroStar from London to Paris for the weekend. You can also get there fairly easy from most european countries to be fair. It’s considered one of the most romantic cities in the world and you certainly wouldn’t be at a loss of things to do.

Luxury Hotel – If you don’t want to leave your city, finding a really nice hotel is a great for “getting away” for the weekend. You can enjoy the abundance of pillows, the cheeky room service and the impeccably clean bathrooms. I personally like picking places that have a good afternoon tea selection. Hotels with swimming pools also give you an extra option for activities, if you ever felt like leaving the bed.

Spa Resort – Spa resorts can be a fun escape for the weekend. Relax in style as you and your partner are pampered with scented oils and mud wraps. It’s perfect for getting some “me time” whilst still enjoying it together with your partner.

Skiing – I have personally never gone skiing but I know a few friends who do enjoy getting away for a weekend. Snow, adrenaline and that post-ski hot chocolate sounds very agreeable. Extra points if there is a cabin with a log fire involved.

Beach Trip – The beach is always a fun place to go. Swimming, sandcastles and icecream. Also obviously sex on the beach, so popular they made a drink after it. I’ve always found a weekend break in a beachside Bed & Breakfast to be quaint, cosy and an inexpensive treat! For those that don’t like sand or salt water, swap the beach for a nice lake.

Road Trip – What about just getting into your camper van or car and heading out to wherever the wind takes you? So many people don’t look into exploring their own country, and a road trip is a fantastic way to see the scenery, have some time with your partner and even find an exciting new destination you never thought of before. Add your favourite anthems on a mixtape and you’ve got yourself a winner.