Daredevil season 2 episode 1 “Bang” was released on St Patrick’s day with the rest of the season, and started with a spectacular shoot out of an Irish gang. Marvel it seems, will not hold back in season two, and I can’t wait to see it all. Here are my thoughts on the first episode. 


Season 2 really does start off with a bang. Street thugs are being taken out mid-crime, by an unseen vigilante. Criminals and police chase each other around and basically it feels like coming home to Hell’s Kitchen, nothing has changed.

We see a bloody massacre of Irish gang members as they sit discussing Frisk’s removal from Hell’s Kitchen and it’s now unoccupied Kingpin seat. Due to previous hype, I kind of had an inkling as to who was behind the shooting, and that made me instantly excited for the rest of the episode.

The level of gore and violence is consistently high throughout the episode, but not in a gimmicky way. There were a few moments that made me think “Woah, what?” some of which are followed by amazing one liners. I’m glad that the writing is still comedic, and timed very well. Horrible crime scene followed by old, wise black detective saying “Where’s this asshole’s hand??” – perfect.

Murdock and Nelson first come on screen and their bromance is still strong, if not stronger, than ever. I honestly love the character of Foggy, and I’ve missed him. He’s the perfect “everyman” to Matt’s hero vigilante gig. The avocados at law enter their office which is full of clients waiting and their super hot secretary.

Obviously there is also The Punisher who isn’t named in the first episode, but does make a very prominent appearance. I really wasn’t expected a confrontation between him and Daredevil at the very start, but the fight scene is spectacular and leaves you begging for more. It gives me very high expectations for the rest of the season.

Overall I’m very happy, and confident that season two will be of the same high quality we found in season one. The characters still room for development and I’m looking forward to that, especially the supporting characters.

The music, cinematography and execution of the show is at hollywood film levels and I really think Daredevil has shown that superhero TV shows have a concrete place in television, and I believe that it will also open up the doorway to more networks considering taking the genre more seriously.